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Best Wheeled Coolers

If you are tired of lugging a cooler down to the beach, having to get help to carry a cooler that is loaded full of beverages, or just straining your back to carry it, you can make life a little easier on yourself. You simply have to decide it is time to treat yourself right with a new cooler available on the market today. Are you ready to see the best wheeled cooler can do for you?

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Why Own a Cooler with Wheels?

When you decide it is time to own one of the best coolers with wheels, you are saying so long to aching backs and muscle strain, even if you want a very large cooler. This means you will not have to ask for help and then deal with someone walking faster or slower than you. You will not have to deal with your carrying partner dropping their end of the cooler. You can simply grab the handle, lift one end slightly and walk. If you get tired of holding the weight, simply set the cooler end you are holding down. Wheels mean that the only time you have to lift a cooler is when you need to put it into your truck or take it out. How much easier will this make your next camping trip, beach vacation, or fishing trips?

Do Wheels Add Extra Weight or Price?

Some people worry that choosing coolers with wheels is going to increase the price of the cooler and add extra weight to it as well. For the most part, if you have a cooler with wheels, you may have a tiny bit more weight, but overall, it is not an uncomfortable amount. As to the price, generally speaking, you can have wheels for pretty much the same price as un-wheeled coolers.

Yeti Tundra WheelsThe truth is, you can create a beach cooler with wheels if you did not think that you would want wheels, but now you have decided you want them. All you have to do is look for aftermarket wheel options. One aftermarket option is from Badger Wheels and it is designed to work with Tundras of all sizes. However, this does add quite a bit of cash to a cooler that was already a little pricey and these wheels do add a few pounds to the cooler weight as well.

If you want to know more about wheeled cooler options, you can take a look at our reviews. Perhaps you will find the cooler you have been searching for at a price you feel is perfect for the convenience of wheels.

Pelican Products ProGear Elite Wheeled Cooler

Pelican Cooler With WheelsThe ProGear is available in two sizes and two colors to meet your needs, while holding ice for up to 10 days. All the features you come to expect from Pelican Products is included in this cooler with wheels on one end and an easy to use handle on the other so that you never have to lift a cooler full of ice, beverages, and snacks again. More On Pelican Elite Wheeled⇒

Igloo Glide PRO Cooler

Igloo Wheeled CoolerThis 110qt cooler has oversized rally wheels and Slide-and-lock telescoping handle that provides maximum leverage to lighten lifting loads. It is able to hold ice for at least 5 days in 90-degree heat. Can you imagine hauling it to your next outdoor adventure? More On Igloo Glide Pro⇒

Igloo Island Breeze

Island Breeze Cooler On WheelsThis small cooler with wheels is ideal for trips to the beach or taking out on a picnic with your family. It has a telescoping handle and soft-ride sports wheels. There are also molded side scoop handles on each side for those times when carrying it is necessary. It is affordable and can hold up to 37 cans of your favorite beverage or six 2-liter bottles. More On Igloo Breeze⇒

Trinity TXK-0802

TrinityPatioThis is the ideal cooler for homes that have a patio and host pool parties and BBQ’s. It is stainless steel and will look great sitting alongside your grill. It has a cooler up top that includes extra features such a bottle opener, cap catcher, and drainage plug. On the bottom, you have a shelf to keep things extra beverages within easy reach. More On Trinity Patio Cooler⇒


Badger Wheels-Single Axle for Yeti Tundra 35-160

Badger Wheels For Yeti CoolerIf you own the Yeti Tundra and wish that it had wheels on it, you still have the option to upgrade your cooler. Badger Wheels is designed to fit all Tundra coolers that are 35-160 quart. This wheel axle is able to hold up to 500 pounds and you get everything you need to attach it to your cooler. More On Badger Wheels⇒