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Canyon Coolers Outfitter Series Review

Canyon Coolers Outfitter Series 22 QTWhen looking for a high end cooler, almost everyone feels like they should look at Yeti or Grizzly coolers to accompany them on their outdoor expeditions. However upon the entry of Canyon Coolers in the market, it seems like the game has been forever changed.

Frequently, most costumers would ask, “Are they a better choice for coolers?” Well, let us see why you would want to consider Canyon on your list for high end coolers through reading this Canyon Cooler review.

Canyon Coolers: About the Company

The company the makes Canyon Coolers are based in Flagstaff, Arizona and was founded in the late 2010. Currently, it has been serving more than 300 independent dealers and more than a hundred of store chains.

Canyon Coolers is a company owned by an outdoorsy family who loves to raft and hunt. Their products are made in America and intelligently assembled in Thailand, not in the usual thought that it’s in China. The foam insulations come from Alabama and the seal is said to come from New Jersey. Canyon Coolers Freezer Grade Gasket

It already has earned an award as a company which dedicates on providing high quality coolers that are backed with a lifetime warranty to show that their products are durable enough no matter what adventure you would want to engage in.

By visiting the Canyon Coolers’ website, you will see that their coolers come in varying sizes and options. Usually, Canyon ice chests’ model number is a reliable indicator of the coolers’ sizes. Unlike Yeti Coolers naming regime, the model number is misleading and can be thought of as the real capacity or size when it is not.Canyon Coolers 125

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For example, Yeti Tundra 105 has a real capacity of 87quarts but some people think that it can handle 105 quarts. So, be careful when buying Yeti coolers or other products because you might get misled by the model number thinking that it is the actual size. Canyon Coolers got it right though. For instance, the Outfitter 125 can handle 126 quarts.

How Does Canyon 22 Compare To Yeti Roadie?

Canyon Coolers 22QT Outfitter CoolerCanyon Coolers’ Outfitter 22 has approximately 21 quarts interior size with a premium seal and weighs 11.1 lbs if it is empty. Whereas the Roadie from Yeti offers 20.8 quarts of internal space, a freezer grade gasket seal and a drain plug. It also weighs heavier at 15lbs. compared to 11.1 of the Outfitter.

Additionally, Canyon Outfitter is covered by a lifetime warranty while the Roadie is only covered by a limited warranty of five years. Surprising as it is, the Roadie’s price is almost two times higher than Canyon Outfitter even if both of them offers roughly the same features.

Canyon 35 & Yeti Tundra 45

By just looking at different coolers from different companies, you will notice that they all seem to be very identical. But as a wise buyer, you need to look at tiny details to see which one is the best buy. To start, I would like to put emphasis on the major differences of these 2 coolers. Typical of a Canyon, the Outfitter 35 guarantees a lifetime warranty, whereas the Yeti 45 only covers a limited warranty of five years.

Internally, the Canyon boasts a 2.7 inches wall thickness which is superior to Yeti’s which is only as thick as 2 inches. And the major difference among these 2 is that the Canyon provides a No-lose drain plug and uses a silicone seal while the Yeti has a quick twist drain plug and a premium seal.

But the best of all them is the pricing and no other cooler companies can beat that of Canyon’s. Canyon Outfitter Pricing⇒

Canyon Outfitter 50 Vs Tundra 50

High end coolers are known to be really heavy especially when full. That is why the empty weight of 25 lbs of the Outfitter 50 is a great help. On the other hand, Tundra 50 is approximately 33 pounds when empty and can be hard to carry when full even when carried by two people. So, weight here is a great factor and saving you of 7 to 8 lbs is already something to be thankful for.Canyon 125 Cooler

A comparison of the Outfitter 75 and 125 between their match from Yeti has also lead to the same result putting Canyon as still the better deal for a cooler.

Overall, Canyon really makes a great deal for your money. Don’t fear about choosing to buy a cheaper cooler when you only pay for the brand of other high end coolers. Based from our tests, Canyon Coolers line with the best brands of coolers in the world, all at a cheaper cost.