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Grizzly Coolers Vs Yeti Coolers

Grizzly Vs Yeti LogoUnless you’ve been living under a rock, you are likely aware of the high-end roto-molded coolers and their explosion in popularity as of late. Trying to decide which one to purchase for yourself may prove to be a more difficult decision than you first thought. There’s no debate that most of these coolers are high performing, high-quality coolers. Not to mention, they have a price tag to match. Of course, some are priced a little higher than others, and you are left to wonder if the higher price is really warranted. We have done individual detailed reviews of the YETI Coolers as well as the Grizzly ice chest, and now we will put them together head to head to see if we can decide which one is best in this YETI vs Grizzly Coolers review.

YETI Coolers:

Yeti LogoYETI Coolers is the brand that most other brands are compared to these days. Since the company was founded in 2006, YETI Coolers has built a reputation of supreme quality. It is important to note that the YETI cooler sizes are not intended to be quart sizes. Yes, they are close in size to the model number, and many think this is deceptive. But it is important to understand the technology behind the brand, and you will be more likely to understand their system. In fact, the reason for the variation from size to model number is because the walls and lid of the YETI are up to 3 inches wide in order to allow for more insulation. YETI insists that this is the reason their cooler are the best performing, especially when it comes to cold retention. Nowadays, it seems that people want to support US based companies. So, where are YETI coolers made? We will cover that in the detailed outline below.

YETI Tundra Series Coolers

Yeti Grizzly Proof CoolerThe YETI Tundra series is available in twelve different sizes, and all offer the same tough design and construction that the YETI is known for. From freezer grade gasket seals to molded-in handles, the Tundra is durable and retains ice like a pro. See all of the features listed below. Our Full Tundra Review⇒

Grizzly Coolers:

Grizzly Coolers also have a pristine reputation and have a loyal customer base which believes that the Grizzly is at the top. The company prides itself on its American built products, and conducts extensive research and testing to produce the highest quality merchandise. They focus on marketing to outdoorsmen such as hunters and fishermen, highlighting the ruggedness and durability of the Grizzly Cooler. They are also convinced that they have the best product when it comes to ice and cold retention. Let’s take a look at the YETI and the Grizzly side by side.

Grizzly 65 Quart Cooler
Grizzly Coolers 60 Q CoolerThe 75 quart Grizzly cooler is also Bear-proof tested and certified like all Grizzly Coolers. The G75 seals the cold air in and the hot air out and offers two drain plugs for easy clean-up. See all of the Grizzly Coolers features listed below in the Grizzly Cooler vs YETI chart.

Grizzly 40 Quart Cooler

Grizzly Coolers Sand StoneThe Grizzly 40 quart (G40) cooler is a heavy duty cooler made for extreme use and performance. It is reported to hold ice for up to 6 days and is bear-proof tested and certified. More On Grizzly 40 Q⇒

Grizzly Vs Yeti Cooler Comparison

Grizzly Sizes Vs Yeti Sizes

*YETI Coolers reports that their coolers capacity (quarts) does not match the model number of each unit because the walls are thicker to allow for extra insulation. The capacity will be a bit less than the model number.

In conclusion, side-by-side, the Grizzly Coolers vs YETI Coolers are similar in comparison. While both are fairly expensive, the YETI will usually cost you a bit more.

More Grizzly Cooler Options:

Grizzly Cooler Reviews & Sizes

Grizzly Coolers are not your grandfather’s, or for that matter, your dad’s cooler. Gone are the days of the “ice chest.” With better technology than ever before, these American made coolers are designed to get the job done.  Grizzly Coolers are made to last a lifetime, so there will never be a need to purchase another unless it is specifically because you need another size. These Grizzly coolers offer something for everyone. With their different size and color options, it’s easy to quickly find one that appeals to your own individual and rugged sense of style and needs.


Grizzly Tailgating Cooler ReviewAdvantages of Owning a Grizzly Cooler

  1. Grizzly Coolers are made to last a lifetime with their RotoTough construction. Forget about having to buy another cooler every season. These Grizzly Coolers will not fail!
  2. Made of high quality materials. Latches and hinges are sturdy and will not break or fall apart.
  3. Professional grade and high quality, yet they are affordable. Comparable to higher priced coolers on the market, Grizzly Coolers are more reasonably priced.
  4. Offers a 2 inch drain hole as well as drain channels which run the full length of the cooler for quick and easy draining.
  5. Come in multiple colors which are stylish and aesthetically pleasing.
  6. Have hinges that are made with brass inserts and domestically sourced.
  7. Come equipped with non-skid rubber feet that are also non-marking.
  8. Include freezable dividers.
  9. Constructed with a pressure injected insulation which is also environmentally friendly.
  10. Designed with handles which are heavy duty and molded in. Also included are Rope handles that also have nylon sleeved rubber handles and 2 inch tie-down slots.
  11. Come equipped with non-skid rubber feet that are also non-marking.
  12. Include freezable dividers.
  13. Constructed with a pressure injected insulation which is also environmentally friendly.
  14. Grizzly Coolers are designed with handles which are heavy duty and molded in. Also included are Rope handles that also have nylon sleeved rubber handles and 2 inch tie-down slots.

Colors and Size Options offered by Grizzly Coolers

Grizzly Coolers for sale come in a wide array of colors and sizes. Let’s take a look at a few of the popular choices as well as some ratings from Grizzly Cooler reviews.

Grizzly 60 CoolerGrizzly Coolers 60Q
The Grizzly 60 Cooler has a capacity of 60 quarts and earns a 4.6 star rating from consumers who have purchased the Grizzly 60. With molded, easy to grip handles, this size fits nicely into the back of an SUV and is perfect for family outings. It is recommended that directions included be followed for maximum cooling time. Read More Here

Grizzly 75 Cooler

Grizzly 75 Cooler ReviewYou guessed it! The Grizzly 75 Cooler has a capacity of 75 quarts and has a rating of 4.3 stars. The Grizzly 75 cooler was specifically created with mariners in mind. This 75Q cooler fits perfectly inside the factory mounted brackets that are located in a center console or under the boat’s leaning posts of small to midsized vessels. The Grizzly Cooler 75 has an embossed ruler of 30 inches on the lid. BearClaw latches help keep a nice secure grip. Read More Here

Grizzly 150Q Cooler ReviewGrizzly 150 Cooler

This Grizzly 150 Cooler has a 150 quart capacity and an impressive rating of 4.9 stars. Buyers who purchased this Grizzly 150 cooler report that it is easiest to use block ice on bottom and cubed ice on top. Amazingly, ice can last up to, and longer than, a one week period. The Grizzly 150 Cooler is designed to hold 122 pounds of prepped game or 180 pounds of 12 ounce cans, that’s 148 quarts! The Extreme polyurethane foam can keep items cold for up to 14 days. The Grizzly 150 Cooler, tested by IGBC testing is Certified Bear Resistant, but adding your own padlocks is necessary. Read More About Grizzly 150 Here

If you are looking for a heavy duty cooler that has a no-fail reputation of quality, you may have found what you are looking for in the Grizzly Cooler collection. These made-in-the-USA coolers will last a lifetime, even when put to the test under extreme conditions.