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Camo Hunting Coolers & Backpack Coolers

For some people, a cooler is more than just something to keep food and drinks cold. It is a statement piece. An accessory that they enjoy carrying around. That is why some people choose to have a Yeti, Engel, Pelican cooler, or some other high end cooler option. Others, though, prefer to have something that is uniquely colored. Many like the camo pattern best, but it is not an option that is readily available in higher end coolers. If you have been searching for a camo cooler, you will enjoy reading about our top picks for camo hunting coolers and backpack coolers.

Why Many Prefer Camo Coolers

Hunting CoolersCamo works well as a hunting cooler, but it can also be a cooler that you enjoy taking to the beach or anywhere else life takes you. It is an expression of your personality, much the same as a person may choose to have a bright pink cooler. It is a feature that will make a cooler truly yours. To set your cooler apart from the traditional blue, red, white, tan, and brown coolers that are typically available.

Our Choice for Best Camo Coolers

If you are looking for the best hunting cooler, you’ll likely enjoy having the camo pattern. Luckily, in our search for coolers, we have discovered that some of the high-end cooler companies are now offering camo. If they do not have an actual camo cooler available, you can add it to your cooler using aftermarket graphics and turn your boring cooler into something great.

Engel Coolers High-Performance Roto-Molded Cooler

Camo Engel CoolerEngel coolers are a popular choice for outdoorsmen. They can hold ice for up to 10 days. This is because they have 2-inches of polyurethane insulation all around and airtight gaskets. They are bear resistant and are seamless. Now, they also have a camo lid to appeal to more people. See this Engel cooler here⇒

Pelican Elite Cooler

Pelican Camo Green OptionPelican is a popular choice for a lot of people. They have a variety of sizes available and can hold ice for up to 10 days. They have large locking latches and a reinforced lockable hasp. The Elite cooler also has a stainless-steel bottle opener. They are made in the USA and have a lifetime guarantee. Even though this isn’t a camo cooler, it is still dark enough green to be camouflaged. See the Pelican Elite here⇒

Ultimate Backpack Cooler-RealTree MAX-5

Real Tree Backpack CoolerThis camo backpack cooler can hold 20 cans plus the ice to keep them cold. It features a double heat sealed PEVA no leak liner, two zippered side pockets, and a large front pocket, as well as extra padding on the straps. It is comfortable to carry and very stylish when out hiking, camping, or hunting. See the MAX-5 here⇒

RTIC Soft Pack Cooler

RTIC Camo CoolerThis cooler is available in a variety of sizes so that you can carry 20, 30, or 40 cans with ice. It is able to hold ice for up to 5 days and features a waterproof, leakproof zipper. It will never sweat, opens easily, and is completely puncture and tear resistant. See  RTIC Sizes here⇒

IceMule Cooler Pro Coolers

Ice Mule Backpack CoolerThis is the world’s most portable, high-capacity cooler and it can hold ice for up to 24 hours without leaking. It has a padded backpack strap and comes in a patented insulated drybag design. Overall, it boasts a 4.4-star rating to show its quality. See  IceMule Sizes & Styles here⇒

MightySkins Protective Vinyl Skin Decal

Might Skins Camo If you love Pelican coolers and camo, you may want to cover your Pelican to make it perfect for you. This vinyl decal can turn any 20qt Pelican into a camo cooler. It protects the Pelican from dings and scratches as a bonus. If you change your mind, you can remove the camo sticker without mess or stickiness being left behind. See MightySkins Options here⇒

Pelican Coolers Vs Yeti Coolers Comparison

Pelican Vs Yeti CoolersLike having the coolest pair of shoes as a teenager; having the coolest cooler as an adult seems to be just as important these days. This fashionable status symbol brings a whole new meaning to the old ice chests of yesterday. There are companies who have been designing these superior coolers for a long time, and there are new, up-and-coming brands. With many choices, debates rage on about which high-end, roto-molded cooler is the best, as well as which ones are worth the price tag attached. There are many that seem to believe that YETI is the ultimate when it comes to these designer coolers, but there are plenty of worthy YETI Cooler competitors. In this Pelican vs YETI review, we will outline the features of both, making it easier to decide.

YETI Coolers: The Company

Yeti LogoYETI manufactures everything related to coolers and the accessories to go along with them. Founded in 2006 by two brothers who saw a need for a cooler that would stand the test of time, YETI started their company with the simple mission of building a cooler that they could use every day. YETI coolers are manufactured in Iowa and Wisconsin, as well as in the Philippines. Read Our Full Yeti Tundra Review Here⇒

YETI Tundra Series

Yeti Cooler 125 On Sale

Pelican Coolers: The Company

Pelican Progear BrandPelican manufactures products ranging from high-performance protective cases to extremely durable, high-end roto-molded coolers. In business since 1976, Pelican has carved a name for itself and a reputation to match. And, the Pelican ice chest has come a long way since then. Starting out in California, the company is now headquartered in Barcelona, Spain after being acquired by Behrman Capital in 2004. Read Our Full Pelican ProGear Review Here⇒

Pelican ProGear Elite Series

Pelican Coolers For Sale

YETI and Pelican Side-by-Side:

When it comes to Pelican Coolers vs YETI, there are plenty of pros on each side. Both coolers have remarkable features, and their reputations for being among the best are well deserved. Both companies have invested a great deal in research as well as the development of special technology which makes their products top-notch. Both brands come with a hefty price attached, but YETI tends to be slightly higher than Pelican. If performance and durability is what is most important, the list of features offered by each is listed below.

Features of the YETI and Pelican Coolers:
Pelican Vs Yeti Comparison Table

YETI and Pelican Sizes Offered:

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 7.55.24 AM

In Conclusion:

As you can see, when YETI vs Pelican Coolers and their features are listed side by side, they are quite similar. Both companies build an extremely durable cooler. There are some minor differences in the construction of the two brands, and it depends on the individual purchasing the cooler as to which features are most important. Each brand has their own loyal following of customers and fans who claim that each company is the best. This detailed outline of Pelican and YETI coolers should help with making an educated decision.

Pelican Elite ProGear Cooler Review

Outdoorsmen are serious about their coolers these days. Companies that manufacture these rugged coolers are well aware of the quality that particular consumers now expect. They must go the extra mile to create a durable and lasting product which will unquestionably retain the coolest temperatures possible as well as withstand intense abuse, extreme use, and the toughest of environments. These coolers are made to take along on hunting and fishing trips, hiking and camping trips, and any other outdoor adventure which might present itself. Because buying one of these coolers can be considered a small investment, trying to decipher which cooler to purchase can be quite a daunting task. In This Pelican Elite ProGrear Review we will discuss the features and benefits of one cooler that may possibly demand your attention and have you taking a second look.

The Pelican Brand

Pelican Progear BrandThe Pelican brand was founded in 1976 by an avid scuba diver who saw the need for flashlights and cases that would hold up under pressure and would not leak or break. With the successful product patent of the Pelican Float, other products in the Pelican line soon became a reality. Using the same high standards and technology, the Pelican line of coolers soon came into existence in the company’s headquarters in Torrance, California. The success of the company is evident, and Pelican is now an international brand. Since then, the company has added many sizes and colors to its cooler line, as well as a popular line of Pelican Cooler Accessories. Let’s take a look at the sizes and features offered by the Pelican Elite ProGear Coolers for sale.Pelican Progear 35 quart

Pelican Elite ProGear Cooler

If you need to keep ice in your cooler for long periods, you will love the Pelican Elite Cooler. Using decades of experience in the field of building protective cases, Pelican engineered what some might consider the world’s best cooler. With the thickest wall insulation that is proven to store ice for up to ten days, the Pelican Elite is also known to perform under stress. No other cooler is known for special features such as latches that lock, folding handles, and extra wide wheels made for rugged or soft terrain.Pelican Progear35 Elite Cooler Pelican is also proud to announce that Pelican ProGear is bear resistant certified. With the purpose of keeping bears safe and reducing human-bear encounters, the certification requires intense penetration and impact testing over extended periods of time. One can understand why these coolers are guaranteed for life. There are a total of 8 sizes available in the Pelican Elite ProGear, so finding the right size for your personal needs will literally be a breeze. The Pelican Elite is offered in the following sizes: 20 qt, 35 qt, 45 qt, 65 qt, 80 qt, 95 qt, 150 qt, and 250 qt.


Features of the Pelican Elite ProGear Cooler

  • Ultimate Ice Retention for days of use
  • Gasket that is freezer grade and 2 inch Polyurethane insulation
  • Each cooler is equipped with 2 sets of handles. One set is under lid, the other is a molded flush mounted set.
  • Latches are Press and Pull and wider for Gloved use
  • Convenient Tie Downs which are Molded-In
  • Pelican Coolers For Sale Lock Hasp is Molded-In with Plated Stainless Steel
  • Hardware is Stainless Steel and Corrosion Resistant
  • Cup Holders are integrated
  • Bottle Opener is Built In
  • Pelican Elite Coolers are made in the USA
  • Lifetime Guaranteed
  • Extensive Color Choices
  • Custom Color Program
  • Bear Resistant Certification; built to keep humans and bears safe
  • Some sizes have the Integrated Fish Scale on the Lid
  • Non Skid and Non Marking feet which are raised
  • Sloped Drains and Tethered Threaded plug with is attachable to a garden hose.
  • Wheeled Cooler available in 45 quart and 80 quart sizes with heavy duty wheels and a built in Trolley handle

Pink Pelican CoolerWhen making your next purchase of a rugged outdoor cooler, Pelican Elite ProGear is definitely worth exploring. With high standards of quality and consumer satisfaction, the Pelican Elite cooler is ranked among the best coolers on the market today. Whether hunting, fishing, or just relaxing by a campfire, Pelican coolers can perform and deliver exactly what you expect from a durable cooler which is built to stand the test of time.

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