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RTIC Cooler Review, RTIC vs Yeti

There is no denying that quality matters most when it comes to coolers. That is why there are so many high dollar brands that promise to make the best cooler ever. However, it may come as a surprise to many cooler enthusiasts that the cooler most people are talking about now, doesn’t come with a high-end name brand. It is the RTIC cooler and in the online world, it has become hugely popular for the last year. It is still gaining notice, so much so that in the past you could only purchase it through RTIC directly and now, you can purchase it through other places, such as Amazon. The big question is; is it the cooler you have been waiting on? Check out more about this cooler in our RTIC cooler review and see how it compares to Yeti.


What Makes RTIC Worth It?

White RTIC CoolerOne of the first things you will notice when you look at the RTIC cooler is the price. It is a lot more budget-friendly than other coolers. The second thing you will probably notice is that it is a new release that is very popular. The average ratings on it so far show that it holds steady 4.4-stars. This cooler is available as a 20qt, 45qt, and 65qt. The smallest size is ideal for tailgating and job sites. They can keep ice for up to 10 days. Because they are roto-molded, they are virtually indestructible. Each of the sizes have heavy-duty rubber T-latches to ensure it will close and lock easily. They have padlock hole on each side to ensure no one can get into your cooler uninvited.

How Does RTIC Compare to Yeti?

When questioning how it measures up to other coolers, you definitely have to wonder which is best RTIC vs Yeti Cooler. The truth is, some reviews state that the RTIC is basically a cheap Yeti Cooler. They are so similar in performance that most people will give up the Yeti name to save money. In price, they are closer to the “Arctic Coolers”, but still cheaper than even those.RTIC Cooler SizesCheck Other RTIC Cooler Specs⇒

Other differences between RTIC and Yeti is that the exterior length of the RTIC and weight of it may be slightly more than the Yeti. They are able to hold more and they have an easy lift handle on even the smallest size. If you compare the Yeti 20 to the RTIC 20, you will also know that they appear to look almost identical.

Does RTIC Have a Good Service Plan Backing It?

Tan RTIC Ice ChestThe RTIC warranty only covers the original owner and protects them from defects that are caused in the manufacturing process. It is a warranty that extends 30 days. The only requirement is that you submit a warranty claim before shipping the product back. Most owners say that it is such a high-quality cooler that they do not feel it needs more of a warranty. Others are disappointed by the lack of warranty. However, there are several ways to contact customer support if you have issues with the cooler. The biggest complaint is that sometimes it may take a while for the cooler to arrive after you purchase it. Therefore, we consider it worth checking out if you want a budget friendly cooler option. 


Colorful Coolers Like Yeti, Pink, Red, Blue, & Green

There are now a variety of popular, high-end coolers that are giving you more of a variety in color choices. Can you imagine having colorful coolers like Yeti, pink, red, blue, and green?

Jump To The Popular => Pink Yeti Cooler

How Many Colors Can You Find in Coolers?

The new cooler color choices are impressive. There are coolers available in a huge variety of standard color choices and as an added bonus, some high-end cooler manufacturers are allowing you to customize your cooler choices. With all of the customization options and by allowing people to choose a cooler that matches their unique preferences, cooler companies are drawing more attention from people who want a new cooler. It allows them to easily tell which cooler is theirs when they are in a group. Do you think you would need to write your name in permanent ink if you have a pink Yeti cooler? Most likely, not. The chances of someone else in your group of friends having the same color are slim. The same can be said for a green cooler that has your company logo on it or other customization options.

Which Color Cooler Will You Choose?

To give you a better idea of the cooler options that are available to you, you should take a look at the multitude of colors that are now available. The choices may surprise you.


Pink RamblerAlthough the Yeti Rambler is not a true cooler, it is still a very popular choice for fans who want bold Yeti cooler color choices. It is a 20oz tumbler that can keep things hot for 24 hours and cold for 12 hours. It is available in green, deep dark purple, pink, pink and teal blue fade, and a bold beautiful red. More about the Yeti Tumbler here

If you like the idea of an ice blue Yeti cooler, you may opt for the Tundra cooler. It is also available in white or tan. This blue Yeti cooler is available in a variety of sizes and it is very durable and dependable. More about the Yeti Tundra hereBlue Tundra

Engel Coolers

Pink Engel CoolerIf you are searching for a cooler by Engel, you may be interested in their pink dry box cooler. It has secure locks and truly makes a statement with its subtle, but bright color. It is available in two sizes and promises to work as well as all other Engel Coolers. More about the Engel pink cooler here

Another popular Deep Blue Series Engel cooler. It is a High Performance Camo cooler. However, if you are not a camo fan, you may also choose to own a haze gray cooler or a tan cooler. Either way you go, you will have a cooler that provides ample ice retention no matter what you are doing. More about the Engel Deep Blue cooler here

K2 Coolers

When it comes to a statement color cooler, the K2 Summit is perhaps one of the most favorite coolers available. Not only is this cooler available in a very bold pink color, but it is available in a variety of color mix coolers. Some of the most popular choices are the crimson and white, orange and white, purple and yellow, and the basic red cooler with a white lid. If bold isn’t your style, white, brown, and gray are also available. They are all covered by a 7-year warranty. More about the K2 Summit here


Pelican Coolers

Everyone knows that the Pelican Products ProGear Elite coolers are top of the line. The thing is, most people do not realize the variety of colors that you can choose from. For instance, you can purchase a dark blue, light blue, maroon, green, orange, pink, and yellow cooler as well as the more basic gray, white, and tan coolers. All are backed by a lifetime guarantee and provide excellent ice retention. More about the Pelican ProGear Elite here



Yeti Ice Review & Best Ice Pack for A Cooler

Yeti LogoThe name Yeti brings to mind quality for most people. That is why the Yeti ice pack is something that most people feel will stay colder longer than all other brands. Is this true? Take a look at what we discovered when looking for the best Yeti Ice review and the best ice pack for a cooler.

Why Choose the Yeti Ice Pack?

Yeti Ice Pack ReviewThe best reusable ice packs according to many is the Yeti because it freezes faster and stays cold longer. It freezes solid enough to become a full two-pound block of ice. It also holds true to the Yeti brand because it is impact resistant and cleans up easily when you are ready to put it back in your freezer. This ice pack measures 7.9 x 5.4 x 1.7 inches, which means it is great for lunch bags, soft-sided coolers, and more. As with all Yeti products, it is made in the USA and a true Yeti ice pack will have it prominently stated clearly on the pack. Check Yeti Ice Pricing⇒

Is the Ice Pack by Yeti Really Better?

Yeti Ice In Hopper Soft Sided CoolerAccording to many owner Yeti ice reviews, there are many people who feel they are very long lasting ice packs. Many state that it is able to keep drinks cold for a solid day without over freezing them or making them slushies. However, with the positive reviews, it only holds a 3.9-star rating. Some people feel that it does not hold coldness as well as they expected and many complain that they could have purchased it cheaper had they shopped around. With that, though, there are also people who state that it was available locally and the price was higher in stores than online.

If you wonder how it compares to other ice packs; you should take a look at some of your choices below. They are also considered to be popular choices in their own right, but perhaps it will prove why you may ultimately choose Yeti over them.

Cooler Shock Bag Ice Pack For CoolerCooler Shock bags are reusable ice packs. They are considered the best ice packs for coolers according to many. The thing is, you must fill them with water and seal them up. Over time, I would have to wonder if they would perhaps open up. There is no risk of that with the Yeti or other ice packs. More On Cooler Shock Bags=>


Arctic Ice Pack For CoolerThe Arctic Ice Chillin Brew Series uses all natural products that are derived from vegetable oils. The biggest issue with this ice pack is that it has a freeze rating of 28.3 Fahrenheit. This is not much below freezing temperatures so you do have to wonder if it can be used for a full 24 hours and still be effective.


Rubbermaid Ice PackPeople tend to think the Rubbermaid ice pack is one of the best ice packs for food, but they are almost the same price as a Yeti and you do not get any promises as to how long they will stay cold. Most people state that it is great for their lunch box, which only needs to stay cold for a part of the day.

The Fit & Fresh Cool Coolers slim lunch ice packs are great for everyday use in a lunch box or a soft sided cooler. The thing is, they may not be what you want if you are out on your boat and truly looking for a way to keep food and drink cold for the entire day.Fit And Fresh Lunch Ice Pack

As you can see, Yeti is not a bad choice; though there are other choices that may have more overall positive reviews. This could be simply because the other ice packs have been around a lot longer. For those who love Yeti, the reviews will not matter. You will simply be interested in the quality that you know comes with the Yeti brand.

Yeti Tumblers and Mugs Review

Do you like keeping your beverages frigid or piping hot? You sure do. However, your old tumbler doesn’t seem to keep up with the game. Don’t fret. Yeti tumblers and mugs are designed to keep ice two times longer than ordinary plastic tumblers—and it magically works equally well for hot drinks too.

Yeti Coolers Rambler Tumbler, 20 oz

Yeti Tumbler Stainless SteelYeti has been popularly known for manufacturing coolers which they call ‘personal’ drink coolers. The Yeti Coolers rambler tumbler are built with 18/8 stainless steel with vacuum insulated double walls to help regulate the temperature both internal and external side.

The BPA-free plastic lid perfectly fits on top and that’s what keeps the liquid from pouring out. Unlike other tumblers the stainless doesn’t give a metallic aftertaste to your drink and it is dishwasher compatible too.

Additionally, it doesn’t retain odors of the previous drinks, thus switching between beverages doesn’t seem to be a problem with Yeti ramblers too. More importantly, it does come at a modest price compared to other tumblers. More On Yeti Tumblers⇒

Yeti Stainless Steel Rambler Lowball, 10 oz

Yeti Rambler Lowball TumblerThe Yeti lowball rambler is designed to be an all-day everyday drinking companion that can keep items cold or hot for an extended period of time. Like other Yeti ramblers, it is made of stainless steel with two wall insulation to keep the inside cold/hot while the outside is at a comfortable temperature for better handling.

Other customers seem to be rambling about this having no lid included upon purchase. But, hey? This is meant for quick drinks such as a mug of coffee, tea or adult beverage. It is compatible with the plastic lid of 20 oz Yeti rambler though, so you don’t have to whine so much about it. More On Rambler Lowball⇒

Rambler Colster

Yeti Colster Stainless Steel MugAnother perfect addition to Yeti Cooler products is the Yeti Rambler Colster. It comes with a double vacuum stainless steel insulated walls that are sweat proof and has Thermo Lock technology to keep your bottles of drinks or cans of beer perfectly chilled on a hot summer day.

This is a must have product for Yeti lovers who spend most time on the beach or just for someone who loves to keep their drinks cold up to the last drop. This is quite pricey for a koozie though. But this has got to be the best deal if you’re looking for the sturdiest koozie⇒

Yeti Rambler Replacement Lid

Yeti products are durable enough so you might think you won’t need a replacement lid for your Yetis. However, for odd circumstances you might just lose the lid of your tumblers and it’s good to know that you can purchase a replacement of the same quality as the original. It fits securely and perfectly on each Yeti ramblers (10 oz and 20oz) and ensures that your drinks won’t leak.

However, unlike Yeti’s metallic body, it is important to take extra care about washing this lid. It is quite soft and can easily be etched if you’re not too careful. It is best to manually wash this item instead of throwing it in a dishwasher and use a soft scrubber or a sponge when you clean this product. More On Tumbler Lids⇒

Finally, Yeti Ramblers have taken over Tervis’ reign. After we personally tested the two products, we can say that Yetis are the real winner when it comes to keeping any drinks cold even after 24 hours.

Grizzly Coolers Vs Yeti Coolers

Grizzly Vs Yeti LogoUnless you’ve been living under a rock, you are likely aware of the high-end roto-molded coolers and their explosion in popularity as of late. Trying to decide which one to purchase for yourself may prove to be a more difficult decision than you first thought. There’s no debate that most of these coolers are high performing, high-quality coolers. Not to mention, they have a price tag to match. Of course, some are priced a little higher than others, and you are left to wonder if the higher price is really warranted. We have done individual detailed reviews of the YETI Coolers as well as the Grizzly ice chest, and now we will put them together head to head to see if we can decide which one is best in this YETI vs Grizzly Coolers review.

YETI Coolers:

Yeti LogoYETI Coolers is the brand that most other brands are compared to these days. Since the company was founded in 2006, YETI Coolers has built a reputation of supreme quality. It is important to note that the YETI cooler sizes are not intended to be quart sizes. Yes, they are close in size to the model number, and many think this is deceptive. But it is important to understand the technology behind the brand, and you will be more likely to understand their system. In fact, the reason for the variation from size to model number is because the walls and lid of the YETI are up to 3 inches wide in order to allow for more insulation. YETI insists that this is the reason their cooler are the best performing, especially when it comes to cold retention. Nowadays, it seems that people want to support US based companies. So, where are YETI coolers made? We will cover that in the detailed outline below.

YETI Tundra Series Coolers

Yeti Grizzly Proof CoolerThe YETI Tundra series is available in twelve different sizes, and all offer the same tough design and construction that the YETI is known for. From freezer grade gasket seals to molded-in handles, the Tundra is durable and retains ice like a pro. See all of the features listed below. Our Full Tundra Review⇒

Grizzly Coolers:

Grizzly Coolers also have a pristine reputation and have a loyal customer base which believes that the Grizzly is at the top. The company prides itself on its American built products, and conducts extensive research and testing to produce the highest quality merchandise. They focus on marketing to outdoorsmen such as hunters and fishermen, highlighting the ruggedness and durability of the Grizzly Cooler. They are also convinced that they have the best product when it comes to ice and cold retention. Let’s take a look at the YETI and the Grizzly side by side.

Grizzly 65 Quart Cooler
Grizzly Coolers 60 Q CoolerThe 75 quart Grizzly cooler is also Bear-proof tested and certified like all Grizzly Coolers. The G75 seals the cold air in and the hot air out and offers two drain plugs for easy clean-up. See all of the Grizzly Coolers features listed below in the Grizzly Cooler vs YETI chart.

Grizzly 40 Quart Cooler

Grizzly Coolers Sand StoneThe Grizzly 40 quart (G40) cooler is a heavy duty cooler made for extreme use and performance. It is reported to hold ice for up to 6 days and is bear-proof tested and certified. More On Grizzly 40 Q⇒

Grizzly Vs Yeti Cooler Comparison

Grizzly Sizes Vs Yeti Sizes

*YETI Coolers reports that their coolers capacity (quarts) does not match the model number of each unit because the walls are thicker to allow for extra insulation. The capacity will be a bit less than the model number.

In conclusion, side-by-side, the Grizzly Coolers vs YETI Coolers are similar in comparison. While both are fairly expensive, the YETI will usually cost you a bit more.

More Grizzly Cooler Options:

Pelican Coolers Vs Yeti Coolers Comparison

Pelican Vs Yeti CoolersLike having the coolest pair of shoes as a teenager; having the coolest cooler as an adult seems to be just as important these days. This fashionable status symbol brings a whole new meaning to the old ice chests of yesterday. There are companies who have been designing these superior coolers for a long time, and there are new, up-and-coming brands. With many choices, debates rage on about which high-end, roto-molded cooler is the best, as well as which ones are worth the price tag attached. There are many that seem to believe that YETI is the ultimate when it comes to these designer coolers, but there are plenty of worthy YETI Cooler competitors. In this Pelican vs YETI review, we will outline the features of both, making it easier to decide.

YETI Coolers: The Company

Yeti LogoYETI manufactures everything related to coolers and the accessories to go along with them. Founded in 2006 by two brothers who saw a need for a cooler that would stand the test of time, YETI started their company with the simple mission of building a cooler that they could use every day. YETI coolers are manufactured in Iowa and Wisconsin, as well as in the Philippines. Read Our Full Yeti Tundra Review Here⇒

YETI Tundra Series

Yeti Cooler 125 On Sale

Pelican Coolers: The Company

Pelican Progear BrandPelican manufactures products ranging from high-performance protective cases to extremely durable, high-end roto-molded coolers. In business since 1976, Pelican has carved a name for itself and a reputation to match. And, the Pelican ice chest has come a long way since then. Starting out in California, the company is now headquartered in Barcelona, Spain after being acquired by Behrman Capital in 2004. Read Our Full Pelican ProGear Review Here⇒

Pelican ProGear Elite Series

Pelican Coolers For Sale

YETI and Pelican Side-by-Side:

When it comes to Pelican Coolers vs YETI, there are plenty of pros on each side. Both coolers have remarkable features, and their reputations for being among the best are well deserved. Both companies have invested a great deal in research as well as the development of special technology which makes their products top-notch. Both brands come with a hefty price attached, but YETI tends to be slightly higher than Pelican. If performance and durability is what is most important, the list of features offered by each is listed below.

Features of the YETI and Pelican Coolers:
Pelican Vs Yeti Comparison Table

YETI and Pelican Sizes Offered:

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 7.55.24 AM

In Conclusion:

As you can see, when YETI vs Pelican Coolers and their features are listed side by side, they are quite similar. Both companies build an extremely durable cooler. There are some minor differences in the construction of the two brands, and it depends on the individual purchasing the cooler as to which features are most important. Each brand has their own loyal following of customers and fans who claim that each company is the best. This detailed outline of Pelican and YETI coolers should help with making an educated decision.

Yeti Tank Cooler Price, Accessories & Review

Celebrating and entertaining is one of the best things in life. And, if you are really serious about your gatherings and parties, you probably give a great deal of attention to even the smallest details. Whether you are throwing an outdoor barbeque or an indoor soirée, you will want beverages to be accessible and chilled for your guests. Using a standard ice chest just doesn’t seem to fit in with your party décor or theme. We’ve all tried the cute metal tubs or big plastic bins, but dealing with the melting ice and mess these cause is just a nightmare. Once again, there is a solution: The YETI Tank Cooler.Yeti Tank Review

The YETI Tank is the ultimate party accessory! It’s, simply, a large insulated tub with an open top which is designed to keep beverages or other items cold and conveniently handy. Not only can you put individual bottles or cans in the tank for cooling, these tanks are perfect for keeping your keg nice and frosty. You can even use the YETI Tank Cooler as a punch bowl, pouring your beverage-of-choice right into the tub. Don’t forget the ladle! The YETI tank comes in two sizes to accommodate your next party, whether large or small. In this YETI Tank Cooler review, we will outline all of the special features that went in to the design of the tank cooler. If you’re wondering about the price, The YETI Tank price is relatively close to other insulated tanks and comes with the added bonus of being a YETI.

The YETI Tank Cooler is made with the same construction as other YETI Coolers. Here are the features you can expect from the YETI Tank:

  • Yeti Tank WhiteROTO-Molded construction; armored to handle anything and completely indestructible.
  • NO Sweat Design; The YETI Tank will not sweat. This keeps it dry on the outside.
  • DoubleHaul Handles; Polyester rope that is military grade with a textured nylon grip that is heavy duty.
  • PermaFrost Insulation; YETI’s famous insulation is responsible for the cold retention of the YETI Tank.
  • BearFoot Non Slip Feet; keeps the YETI Tank in place and slip proof.
  • Vortex Drain System; Yes, even the YETI Tank can be drained with a quick twist.

YETI Tank Cooler 45

Yeti Tank PriceBuilt for a smaller crowd, this YETI Tank 45 is the perfect place to store your ice cold drinks. Whether planning a cookout or a day at the beach or pool, the YETI Tank 45 is easy to take along. The 45 will accommodate a slim quarter keg or it will hold 56 drink cans. Built with the same technology as the YETI Coolers, the YETI Tank is durable and reliable. Read More On Yeti Tank 45⇒


YETI Tank Cooler 85

Yeti Tank 85 Plenty of room for a keg filled with your favorite beer, the YETI Tank 85 is a 20.8 gallon capacity cooler tub. This tank cooler is perfect for a standard full-sized keg, or it can hold up to 60 long-neck bottles or 96 drink cans. More On Yeti Tank 85⇒


Accessories for the YETI Tank Cooler:

The YETI Tank Cooler lid and the YETI Tank Cooler caddy make the YETI Tank even better! It is made of UV resistant material which is marine grade, so it seals the cold in while being transported. The food safe surface can also be used as a cutting board or for extra seating. With the caddy, you can use as a cutting board and still easily access the drinks inside.

Lid for the YETI Tank 85

Yeti Tank Lid Accressories

Lid for the YETI Tank 45

Yeti Tank 45 Cooler Lid

Caddy for the YETI Tank Cooler

Yeti 85 Caddy

As with most of their products, YETI has, seemingly, thought of everything in their design of the YETI Tank. This YETI Tank 45 and YETI Tank 85 review has outlined all of the details of the tank cooler. As you can see, it will make a great addition to your next gathering or back yard barbeque!

Yeti Tundra Series Cooler Review

YETI Coolers

Yeti LogoYETI Coolers is said to be the best brand for high end roto molded coolers by loyal fans and consumers alike. Other brands claim to offer the same features and durability as YETI, however, only YETI has the wide-spread fame and reputation of being the best. From being indestructible to retaining ice for days, YETI seems to be the standard by which other brands are measured. We have posted several YETI Cooler reviews, but in this article we will look at a specific line of coolers by YETI; the YETI Tundra series.

YETI Tundra Cooler Review:

YETI Tundra series of coolers is among the top choices when it comes to versatility, capacity, and portability. Infused with toughness, the cooler which is made from roto molded polyethylene is UV resistant, extremely insulated, and close to indestructible. The Tundra series is marine grade and has the durability you would expect from one of the world’s leaders in high end coolers. Perfect for boating and fishing, the YETI Tundra serves as an extra seat or even a platform for casting while out on your outdoor excursions. Camping, hunting, or you name it; this cooler promises to get the job done. If you are looking for YETI Coolers for sale, you will want to consider this information. All of the Tundra Series coolers offer these features:Yeti Tundra Series Coolers

Features offered by The YETI Tundra Series:

  • RotoMolded Construction – armors YETI Tundra to the core and makes it almost completely indestructible. One piece, seamless design similar to whitewater kayaks. Built to take extreme abuse.
  • No-Sweat Design – YETI’s special no-sweat design keeps the cooler dry on the outside; no condensation.
  • DoubleHaul Handles – Polyester rope which is military-grade with textured, heavy duty grip.
  • LIPGRIP Handles – Integrated, seamless handles which are molded into the body of the cooler make a tough handle which is impossible to break and stays out of your way.
  • FATWALL Design – Thick walls allow for more insulation which is one of the features to credit with the superior ice retention.
  • PermaFrost Insulation – Extra thick insulation for sealing in cold and superior ice retention. Lids and walls have three inches of commercial grade, pressure-injected polyurethane foam.
  • Bearfoot non-slip Feet – assures your cooler stays where you place it; secure for extra seating or standing also.
  • ANCHORPOINT Tie-Down Slots – Molded, multi-purpose slots make it easy to mount the Tundra to your truck, boat, trailer, or dock; keeping your YETI secure.
  • T-REX Lid Latches – rubber latches are heavy duty made with integrated technology and doesn’t protrude so as to keep latches intact and impossible to break.
  • NEVERFAIL Hinge System – Full length and rust-proof, aluminum rods interlock to connect the body and the lid. Molded-in hinge stops restrict breakage.
  • COLDLOCK Gasket – The seal of the YETI Tundra is freezer quality, full-frame gasket which lines the entire length of the lid. This lock out heat and seals in the cold. Stands up to the hottest temperatures.
  • Vortex Drain System – An easy draining system with a quick twist.

Most coolers are labeled by the capacity of the cooler. YETI Tundra is labeled a bit differently. For example, a YETI Tundra 35 is NOT a 35 quart cooler. 35 is simply the model number. It is important to keep this in mind, especially if you order your cooler online. Listed below is the capacity of each of the coolers in the YETI Tundra series:

Tundra Series # Capacity in Drink Cans Capacity in Pounds of Ice
35 20 28
45 26 35
50 32 47
65 39 56
75 50 66
105 59 92
110 65 101
125 81 129
160 100 159
210 140 208
250 155 232
420 268 403

YETI Tundra 45

Yeti Tundra Coolers ReviewsWith all of the features in the Tundra series, the YETI Tundra 45 is the perfect cooler for a weekend camping, fishing, or hunting trip. Offering excellent ice retention for food and drinks, the Tundra also offers extra seating around the campfire and durability that is uncompromised. More on one of the most popular Yeti coolers, the Tundra 45⇒


YETI Tundra 110

Yeti 110 Tundra Series Cooler


YETI Tundra 110 is a marine grade cooler with all of the features of the Tundra series. It is the perfect size for your boating and rafting needs. This cooler will hold enough food and drinks for longer expeditions and will keep the contents fresh and cold. Read More On Tundra 110⇒



YETI Tundra 125

Yeti Cooler 125 On SaleThe YETI Tundra 125 cooler is the one to go to when you need a dependable, durable cooler with all the special features that make this part of the Tundra series. This is the cooler to take on an adventurous outdoor weekend. The Tundra 125 is perfect for fishing and hunting with room enough for your catch. Read more on the popular marine choice, the Yeti 125 Tundra⇒

Yeti Final Words, the YETI Tundra series is a serious contender for first place when it comes to high end roto-molded coolers. YETI sets the bar high, and the Tundra series is no exception. The marine-grade coolers are durable and intended to last a lifetime, so as to alleviate the need for purchasing a new cooler year after year. Boating, fishing, camping, and hunting are just a few ways to get proper use out of this highly indestructible cooler. You can see the comprehensive full line of YETI coolers and accessories anywhere that offers YETI products for sale. With this full YETI Tundra 20-65 Review, you will be more equipped to make a decision about which Tundra cooler is the best one for you.

YETI Hopper: Soft Sided Cooler Worth The Price?

Yeti Hopper Price YETI has built a name and reputation that brings to mind excellence and quality when mentioned. Aside from their high-end roto molded coolers, YETI; like most of their competitors, also designs a soft sided cooler called the Hopper. YETI considers their soft sided cooler to be the world’s best portable cooler. Compared with similar soft sided coolers, the YETI Hopper cooler price tag is almost triple that of its competitors.  Of course, along with the YETI name, also comes the fashionable status symbol. But how does the Hopper compare to other brands, and is it worth the price? Let’s take a detailed look at all of the information, and we will let you decide.

Yeti Hopper CoolerYETI Hopper 20 Quart

The YETI Hopper 20 quart soft-sided cooler is designed to be a portable personal cooler. Made to accommodate 18 drink cans and ice, the cooler is puncture resistant. The Hopper 20 can hold 20 pounds of ice only.

YETI Hopper 30 Quart

Yeti Hopper Cooler PriceThe YETI Hopper 30 is slightly larger than The Hopper 20, and made with the same high quality construction. The Hopper 30 can carry 24 drink cans and can hold 26 pounds of ice only.


Here are the features offered by the YETI Hopper 20 and Hopper 30:


  • Dryhide Shell – puncture/abrasion resistant and leak proof; Dryhide fabric is used for both exterior and interior on the Hopper. The material is specially calibrated using 840 denier nylon and an extra layer of TPU coating. The material is similar to material used for whitewater rafts.
  • UV resistant
  • Coldcell Insulation – closed-cell 1 inch NBR rubber foam insulation on the sides, and 1.5 inches on the bottom; responsible for the long lasting cold retention of the Hopper. Offers exceptional cooling compared to standard soft-side coolers
  • Mildew resistant – anti microbial liner
  • Special Hydrolok Zipper – the “ultimate” zipper provides an airtight and waterproof closure. The same type of zipper can be found on survival suits, protective gear, and fishing waders.
  • U-Dock – The end of the Hydrolok zipper which assures a leak-proof seal, also assists the user in draining the cooler while contents remain inside
  • Sturdy and durable handles and shoulder strap
  • Ice retention up to 3 days
  • Welded Seam Construction – eliminates stitching with the RF welded seams; assures waterproof and remarkable durability
  • D Ring Tie Down points – The YETI Hopper 20 and 30 both come equipped with 6 tie down points which are reinforced to secure the Hopper to your watercraft, ATV, or other equipment.
  • Accessories are available and made easy to add with the HitchPoint Grid
  • Easy to transport and store; equipped with 3 sets of handles: primary handles, end handles, and shoulder strap
  • Built to stand the test of time

For comparison sake, let’s look at a few other soft-sided cooler brands. The two brands below can, undoubtedly, be purchased for a fraction of the cost of the YETI Hopper price.

Polar Bear Soft Cooler

  • Polar Bear Soft Sided Cooler Keeps ice up to 24 hours in 100 degree temperatures
  • Keeps hot items warm for hours
  • Leak-proof, sweat-proof design
  • Tough, rugged, built to last
  • Durable 1000 denier Cordura nylon
  • Open cell foam; high density
  • Stores and transports easily
  • Offered in multiple colors

AO Vinyl Soft Cooler

  • AO Cooler Soft Sided Vs Yeti HopperDurable Vinyl Waterproof exterior
  • Retains ice for 24 hours in 120 degree temperatures
  • Sturdy, reinforced handles
  • Removable strap for shoulder
  • Additional storage for dry items
  • Extra insulation; leak-proof liner
  • Offered in multiple colors and various sizes

Clearly, YETI has thought of everything when it comes to the YETI Hopper transportable or personal cooler. Their exclusive design of the Hopper seems to exceed other soft-sided coolers. The question remains: Is the YETI Hopper worth the price? Are we paying for the “name,” or is the construction and durability of the product really worth the high price? With the information gathered here and our detailed review, we will let you decide.

Yeti Hopper Variations:

Engel Coolers Vs Yeti Coolers

High-end coolers can serve as a bit of a status symbol sitting on your dock or boat. Proud owners love to flaunt their roto-molded coolers and even brag on them as if they were supporting their favorite hometown team. Two of the best-selling coolers which are definitely above-average are Engel and Yeti, and there is some debate and argument on which one is better. Let’s outline the facts here, and you can decide for yourself.


Engel Coolers

Engel Coolers has been in business for over 50 years, and they claim to be the first company to develop the high-end, high-performing roto-molded cooler. Listed below are the features offered with most Engel coolers:

  • Engel Vs Yeti CoolersIce retention; “best in class”
  • Can keep ice for up to eight days
  • Compatible with dry ice storage and use
  • Polyurethane insulation; 2 inch walls
  • Stain resistant
  • Easy cleaning
  • Seamless molded construction; highly durable
  • UV resistant
  • IGBC certified
  • Made in Thailand

Yeti Coolers

Yeti Coolers Vs. EngelYeti has also made quite an impression and has a reputation for being the best cooler known to mankind. In business since 2006, Yeti has rightfully staked a claim in the market for high-performance coolers. Here are the features which led to Yeti’s success:

  • Virtually indestructible roto molded construction
  • Stays dry on the outside with the No-Sweat design
  • Handles are military grade “DoubleHaul Handles”
  • Insulation technology called PermaFrost is responsible for ice retention
  • Non-slip Bearfoot technology assures the cooler stays in place
  • A simple twist of the Vortex Drain System quickly drains the cooler
  • UV resistant
  • Grizzly proof
  • Made in the USA (and Philippines)

What do Consumers say about these Coolers?

In a side by side comparison, it is hard to choose one of these coolers over the other one. Both coolers are proven to perform well and both are clearly very rugged and durable. Let’s take a look at a summary of what consumers who have purchased the coolers are saying in the Yeti and Engel cooler reviews.

EngelEngel Coolers For Sale Vs Yeti

  • Ice retention seems to be longer than the Yeti
  • The insulation at the bottom of the cooler seems thicker
  • The price is considerably lower than a Yeti
  • The Engel seems to overall out-performs the Yeti


  • Yeti20Ice retention is the best among all coolers
  • The best cooler; no comparison
  • Worth the higher price; will last a lifetime
  • Made in the USA (although models are made in Philippines)

Clearly, the ongoing debate will continue over which cooler is the best in the Engel vs Yeti war. Each high quality brand has a steady following and loyal customers who will not sway in their opinion of their favorite cooler. Engel claims to be the original, and Yeti claims to have the best reputation. This leaves the discerning buyer trying to decide which one is the best in a dilemma. After weighing what is important to you, you will just have to take the plunge. And no matter which way you decide to turn, you most likely will be satisfied and converted to another die-hard fan of the brand you choose.