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Coleman Thermoelectric Electric Ice Chest Review

Coleman Powerchill Thermoeletric Cooler ReviewHave you ever set out for a long road trip with an ice chest riding shotgun? If you’re like me, you’re worrying about having to restock the ice, not to mention the sheer inconvenience of having to drain the cooler. Well, if you haven’t heard by now, there is a solution! In walks the electric ice chest. These little thermoelectric beauties really take the worry out of traveling for long periods with an ice chest. These plug in coolers have a no fail guarantee when it comes to staying cold. You can plug them into your lighter socket in the car as well as using the adapter to hook up to a regular AC outlet. Not only great for traveling, these portable electric coolers are perfect for offices, dorm rooms, hospital rooms, or any other place you might have a need for your own personal mini refrigeration system. In searching for the best thermoelectric cooler, you will surely run across Coleman. Let’s look at the Coleman PowerChill Thermoelectric Ice Chest…..

Coleman PowerChill Thermoelectric Electric Ice Chest

ThermoelectricCoolerWhen it comes to purchasing an electric cooler, what better name to trust than Coleman? What makes the Coleman PowerChill Electric ice chest the better choice? The Coleman name brings quality products that are tested and guaranteed to live up to their recommended use. The Coleman Thermoelectric cooler has the ability, without the use of ice, to chill its contents to 40 degrees cooler than its surrounding temperature. This, simple to use, Coleman plug in cooler can be powered by a 12 volt vehicle outlet or by a 110 volt home outlet. The portable electric cooler can be used upright, more like a mini-fridge, or turned on its side like a traditional cooler.

Features of the Coleman PowerChill Thermoelectric 

  • 12V Plug In Cooler Review 40 Quart Capacity is capable of holding 44 drink cans plus snacks
  • Electric cooler cools without ice
  • Keeps contents cold; up to 40 degrees under surrounding temps
  • Durable and quiet motor
  • Use with 110 volt home outlet or 12 volt vehicle outlet
  • Versatile upright position or turned on side as a chest
  • Tray or divider shelf will help organize contents
  • Adjustable door will open from left or right
  • Made in the USA
  • Perfect for use in traveling in RVs, campers, or cars and trucks
  • Works great for use in offices, dorms, and other indoor uses

Coleman PowerChill Electric Cooler Review

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Next time you set out on the open road to go camping in an RV or camper; you may want to consider a Coleman electric ice chest. The ease of using a vehicle outlet to cool your ice chest instead of ice, could be just the worry free bonus you need. No more draining water from melting ice or stopping to restock! And you will find plenty of other uses for your Coleman Thermoelectric cooler as well. So, look long and hard at this Coleman plug in cooler. When shopping for the best thermoelectric cooler, Coleman should be at the top of your list. Read PowerChill Owner Reviews⇒