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Colorful Coolers Like Yeti, Pink, Red, Blue, & Green

There are now a variety of popular, high-end coolers that are giving you more of a variety in color choices. Can you imagine having colorful coolers like Yeti, pink, red, blue, and green?

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How Many Colors Can You Find in Coolers?

The new cooler color choices are impressive. There are coolers available in a huge variety of standard color choices and as an added bonus, some high-end cooler manufacturers are allowing you to customize your cooler choices. With all of the customization options and by allowing people to choose a cooler that matches their unique preferences, cooler companies are drawing more attention from people who want a new cooler. It allows them to easily tell which cooler is theirs when they are in a group. Do you think you would need to write your name in permanent ink if you have a pink Yeti cooler? Most likely, not. The chances of someone else in your group of friends having the same color are slim. The same can be said for a green cooler that has your company logo on it or other customization options.

Which Color Cooler Will You Choose?

To give you a better idea of the cooler options that are available to you, you should take a look at the multitude of colors that are now available. The choices may surprise you.


Pink RamblerAlthough the Yeti Rambler is not a true cooler, it is still a very popular choice for fans who want bold Yeti cooler color choices. It is a 20oz tumbler that can keep things hot for 24 hours and cold for 12 hours. It is available in green, deep dark purple, pink, pink and teal blue fade, and a bold beautiful red. More about the Yeti Tumbler here

If you like the idea of an ice blue Yeti cooler, you may opt for the Tundra cooler. It is also available in white or tan. This blue Yeti cooler is available in a variety of sizes and it is very durable and dependable. More about the Yeti Tundra hereBlue Tundra

Engel Coolers

Pink Engel CoolerIf you are searching for a cooler by Engel, you may be interested in their pink dry box cooler. It has secure locks and truly makes a statement with its subtle, but bright color. It is available in two sizes and promises to work as well as all other Engel Coolers. More about the Engel pink cooler here

Another popular Deep Blue Series Engel cooler. It is a High Performance Camo cooler. However, if you are not a camo fan, you may also choose to own a haze gray cooler or a tan cooler. Either way you go, you will have a cooler that provides ample ice retention no matter what you are doing. More about the Engel Deep Blue cooler here

K2 Coolers

When it comes to a statement color cooler, the K2 Summit is perhaps one of the most favorite coolers available. Not only is this cooler available in a very bold pink color, but it is available in a variety of color mix coolers. Some of the most popular choices are the crimson and white, orange and white, purple and yellow, and the basic red cooler with a white lid. If bold isn’t your style, white, brown, and gray are also available. They are all covered by a 7-year warranty. More about the K2 Summit here


Pelican Coolers

Everyone knows that the Pelican Products ProGear Elite coolers are top of the line. The thing is, most people do not realize the variety of colors that you can choose from. For instance, you can purchase a dark blue, light blue, maroon, green, orange, pink, and yellow cooler as well as the more basic gray, white, and tan coolers. All are backed by a lifetime guarantee and provide excellent ice retention. More about the Pelican ProGear Elite here