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Corona Stainless Steel Metal Beer Cooler

Corona beach cooler by ColemanA good quality cooler is an important part of a good day at the beach or a backyard barbecue. If your cooler can standup to the heat and keep your beverages cold, it can become your best friend. If it looks good, that’s even better! The Corona Stainless Steel Cooler from Coleman does both. This outdoor beverage cooler is so popular because of its attractive design as well as the fact that Corona fans are loyal to their brand and love to collect these coolers and other Corona items. Who better to offer this Corona Cooler than Coleman? Coleman is a brand with a great reputation for quality products, and seems to be an expert in just about anything pertaining to the great outdoors. Below, we will take a look at the Corona metal cooler as well as some other accessories and related Corona products.

Corona Stainless 54 Quart Cooler

Carona Stainless Steel CoolerThe Corona Beer Cooler makes a great outdoor beverage cooler. The 54 quart cooler weighs about 22 pounds empty, and it can house up to 85 bottles or cans. This patio cooler is equipped with a sturdy solid latch and stainless steel handles with rubber grips for added strength. The built-in bottle opener adds to the attractiveness and functionality of the cooler, and is something that may not come with some of the high-end roto molded coolers such as YETI or Grizzly. The cooler is a great size for traveling and carrying along on hunting, fishing, and camping trips. It’s not so big that it won’t fit nicely in your truck or car, but it still has plenty of room for ice, food, and drinks. The stainless steel cooler is very well insulated and can retain ice for up to three days in temperatures nearing 100 degrees. Virtually rust proof, the Coleman Corona cooler will look great for years. Easy to drain and clean, the cooler is designed with a rust-resistant drain. The Corona Stainless Cooler is a little more “pricey” than a standard ice chest, but this is not a cooler that will last only one or two seasons. So, the price tag attached may be well worth the asking.

Let’s take a look at some other Corona items:

Corona Extra Soft Sided Cooler Bag

Corona Soft Sided CoolerThis soft sided Corona cooler is conveniently constructed with a top loading zipper opening. The carrying strap is made of sturdy nylon. It will house up to 12 bottles, and is perfect for a personal cooler. Easy to transport and very durable, this item is a popular collectible. Read More On Corona Soft Sided⇒


Corona Galvanized Lime Bucket

Corona Lime BucketThis little cutie makes the perfect party favor or hostess gift. It measures about 4” wide x 3” tall. It is constructed of galvanized metal to be durable and long-lasting. This lime bucket is also a popular collectible, and looks great next to the Corona Beer Ice Bucket shown below. More On Lime Bucket⇒


Corona Beer Ice Bucket

Corona Beer Cooler TubPerfect for entertaining, the stainless steel ice bucket is a favorite among collectors. Not only is it attractive, it is useful for personal use or entertaining a small crowd. A few Coronas stacked in some ice look great in this bucket. More On Corona Ice Bucket⇒




CoronaRita Drink Clips

CoronaRita Clips This yellow plastic clip is specifically designed to make the cocktail called the CoronaRita. The CoronaRita is a Corona Beer mixed with a margarita. These clips are designed to fit onto a margarita glass. Makes a great party favor and an interesting conversation piece. More On CoronaRita⇒

The Corona Stainless Cooler is a great addition to your backyard festivities and more. The sturdy and durable cooler has great ice retention and an attractive design which will fit in nicely at most any function. The unique metal housing of this cooler lends a retro-modern feel to the design. The cooler, along with the other Corona products, are fun to collect as well as being very useful.