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Engel Deep Blue Coolers Review

Engel CoolersIn business for over 50 years, Engel Coolers claims to be the first to design and manufacture high-end coolers. Not as well-known as some of the other popular brands, Engel is definitely worth careful consideration. You may be wondering how coolers compare when it comes to Engel vs YETI. The roto-molded coolers which are high performing seem to be a staple among outdoor enthusiasts such as hunters, fishermen, and boaters. With the extended ice retention along with the ruggedness and durability intended to stand up to a grizzly bear, Engel has earned a good reputation for quality and value. Engel offers a wide variety of coolers for a wide array of uses. You may be interested in a cooler for camping or fishing, or you may even be interested in the Engel Bait Cooler. However, in this Engel Coolers review, we will be taking a close look at Engel Coolers Deep Blue Series.

Engel Deep Blue Series

Engel Deep Blue Cooler ReviewThe Engel Deep Blue has some of the best of what the market offers when it comes to insulation. With two-inch polyurethane insulation, the cooler also comes equipped with an amazing air-tight commercial freezer grade quality gasket which seals the cool in and keeps the heat out. Ice retention is the name of the game when it comes to today’s high-end coolers, and Engel will live up to the challenge.

Engel Coolers Deep Blue series professes to possess the durability of no other. Designed to withstand tremendous force and abuse, the Deep Blue is built to last through a lifetime of use and adventure.

And to make the “least fun” part of the day more bearable, Engel’s easy cleanup and draining system works effortlessly. The pitched, self-draining, bottom helps make draining and cleaning a simple, quick task.

The Engel Deep Blue Series Includes:

  • Superior ice retention; “best in class”
  • Keep ice for eight to ten days
  • Compatible with dry ice storage and use
  • Polyurethane insulation; 2 inch walls
  • Freezer grade quality gasket seal; keeps cold air inside
  • Stain resistant
  • Engel Deep Blue Cooler ReviewOder resistant
  • Easy cleaning; raised base
  • Easy draining; one twist draining
  • Seamless molded construction; highly durable
  • Stainless steel latches and hardware; marine grade
  • Patent pending multi way attachment system; easy tie down
  • UV resistant
  • IGBC certified (Certified Bear Resistant)
  • Non slip lid made for standing or sitting
  • Equipped with holes for lid locks
  • Molded handles as well as rope handles
  • Made in Thailand

The Engel Deep Blue Coolers comes in multiple sizes to fit every need and space:

Engl Cooler Sizes35 quarts

65 quarts

80 quarts

123 quarts

320 quarts


If you are in the market for a high-end cooler, you can find the Engel Deep Blue Series line of coolers anywhere that has Engel Coolers for sale. With all that Engel has to offer, these coolers seem to be right up at the top with the other high-end brands that offer superior roto-molded coolers. The information contained in this Engel Deep Blue Review should help you in deciding which cooler is best for you.