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Floating Coolers & Ice Chests For The River

If you enjoy spending your down time in the pool, lake, or even floating down a long lazy river on a sultry summer day, you will want to explore the idea of purchasing a convenient floating cooler. No more getting out of the pool and tiptoeing across hot cement to get you and your guest another drink. These floating ice chests make it so much more convenient to keep all of your drinks right at your side. And, if you’re on the lake or river there will be no need to take up space in your raft or having to drag along an extra tube just for your cooler. With a cooler that floats, you won’t be worrying about your cooler falling into the water and sinking to the bottom. Some of these floating drink holders are made for the river or lake, and some work better in a swimming pool. These reviews will help you decide which floating cooler will work best for you and your intended use.

Top Five Floating Coolers

Byers Big Bobber Floating Cooler

Big Bobber Floating CoolerThe Big Bobber is strategically designed with a sturdy built-in handle for easy carrying, and it really does float! This attractive red and white Big Bobber floating cooler is durable, light-weight, and easy to transport. It is designed to hold twelve drink cans plus ice, and is made to take along to the pool, lake, or river. More On Big Bobber⇒

GoPong Floating Beer Pong Set

Go Pong Floating Cooler FloatIncrease your fun in the sun with these two-in-one floating drink holders. This beer pong float includes two rafts as well as three balls so you can invite your friends to a challenging game while still cooling off in the water. Each floating raft will hold six cups, and can be used as a beer pong game or as a floating cup holder. The walls of the floating beer cooler are extra high to keep your drinks safe from large waves. This floating pong game works best in swimming pools and lakes. More On GoPong⇒

Kelsyus Floating Cooler

Kelsyus Floating CoolerThe Kelsyus Floating Cooler is an insulated soft side cooler which will hold ice and drinks and has six numbered holders for your individual drinks. It also includes a zippered compartment on the side for storage. This floating drink holder will hold up to 18 cans with no ice. It will hold up to 12 cans plus ice. The cooler is designed with an integrated carrying bag for easy portability. Whether spending the day in the swimming pool or on a calm serene river, this floating bar will work well. More On Floating Bar⇒

GoPong Floating Beer Pong Table

Party Barge Floating Cooler For RiverThis GoPong Pool Party Barge has just about everything you will need for a day in the water. It is 6 feet long and 3 feet wide, and is a three-in-one game, drink holder or cooler, and lounge. The cooler itself will hold up to 18 cans plus ice and includes six pong balls and 28 individual cup holders. This sturdy floating cooler will work well in a pool, lake, and even on some slower moving rivers. More On Party Barge⇒


Intex Mega Chill Floating Cooler

Mega Chill Floating Ice Chest The Intex Floating Cooler is highly durable and built to last, even on river trips which are guaranteed to include jagged rocks and tree limbs.  It is capable of holding up to 72 cans plus ice, or you can use it to carry your own cooler up to a 48 quart size. This floating bar includes 6 cup holders, four hefty handles, and a repair kit. The Intex Floating Cooler is equipped with a lid which will completely detach or Velcro in place if you decide to use it. The Intex Floating Cooler is made to use in the pool, in lakes, and definitely on the river. More On Mega Chill⇒

If you frequently spend your free time in the water during the summer and you enjoy taking along your favorite beverage or game, one of these floating coolers may be just the thing you have been looking for. Making it easy and convenient to take everything with you, most of these floating drink holders are made to serve more than one purpose. From lounging, to holding drinks while you float down the river, or enjoying a game of beer pong with your friends, one of these floating bars will be sure to please your entire group.