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Ice Chest With Speakers & Cooler Speakers

How would you like to make your summer a little more enjoyable? How would you like to have one less item to carry to the beach or out on your big camping weekend? With an ice chest with speakers, you can do both and never miss out on anything.

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What Are the Advantages of a Cooler with Speakers?

Typically, when people head out for a summertime adventure, they carry a lot of items along with them. Cell phones, bug spray and sun block, a small radio or a Bluetooth speaker, their favorite cooler, towels, extra clothes, and so much more depending on where you are going, what you will do, and how long you will stay. If you could leave the radio and speakers at home, you would save a lot of space for other necessities that you may need, but all to often, avoid taking. A cooler with Bluetooth speaker will make it possible for you to carry a lighter load.

How Long Will A Cooler With Speakers Battery Last?

How long the batteries in an ice chest with speakers can last depends on the batteries that are being used in it. There are some coolers that use AAA batteries, some use rechargeable, and others use AA batteries. Each cooler brand will have its own unique setup and change how long the batteries will hold a charge. Some may be up to 16 hours on the rechargeable battery, but have a battery backup that can make the music last longer, while others may last up to 30 hours or so while using just a few AA batteries. Either way, it is enough battery power to get you through a day at the beach or out on the river.

Cooler Speakers Sound Quality?

If you are looking for good sound quality, you should be able to find it within a floating cooler with speakers as well as standard cooler radios. Most people who own them say that they have sufficient sound and can be heard within reasonable distance of the speaker. The thing is, most of these speakers are not designed to be heard over long distances and that does disappoint some owners. You have to keep in mind that they are dual purpose and therefore speaker quality is good enough, but not as great as it would be if you purchased a high-end set of speakers for your home.

To learn more about these speakers or read what current owners think, you should check out the reviews below. They prove that the speaker coolers have a lot of potential and most people love the convenience of having a cooler with their speakers attached to it.


Brexx Cooler With SpeakersThis stainless steel party cooler is fully equipped with two Bluetooth speakers and a slot to hold your music device. The speakers are powered by 4 AA batteries. If you want a cooler with speakers waterproof, you should know that every part of it is rust and leak proof. According to some reviews, music can be heard for up to 50ft away and approximately 30 hours of continuous play. More On BREKX⇒

Rolling Speaker Picnic Cooler

RollingCoolerWithSpeakersThis soft cooler allows you to connect and place your music device inside the front pouch. It is able to hold up to 48 cans, has wheels, and a handle. Reviewers say that it cannot be heard over long distances, but that it sounds great close up. More On Rolling Speaker Cooler⇒


KoolMAX Cooler With SpeakersThis 40qt cooler has wheels and speakers. It can hold 48 cans and keep ice for up to 3 days. It also comes with a detachable cooler flashlight. The built-in rechargeable battery is able to last approximately 16 hours of continuous play. There is a weather resistant storage and charging area for your music device. It is available in several colors and most people say that it provides excellent sound. More On TUNES2GO⇒

Picnic Plus Cooladio

Cooladio Cooler With RadioThe Cooladio features AM/FM speakers that can also play tunes from your favorite music device. You can also hook it to a CD player with input cables. It is large enough to hold 60 cans and it is soft sided. The bottom has wheels and there is a handle for easy portability. Most people agree that it is not great, but that it is acceptable quality sound. More On Cooladio⇒