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Igloo Yukon Cooler Review

Igloo Yukon Cooler ReviewIgloo Products Corporation is a company that people have depended on since 1947 to keep food and drinks cold. Igloo began its life as a metal working shop before expanding into coolers. From there, they began designing coolers that were affordable yet dependable. That is why so many choose one of their newest available coolers, the Yukon. To find out if it is the cooler you have been waiting for, you should take a look at our Igloo Yukon cooler review.


Why Choose Igloo Yukon Coolers?

Not only do people love Yukon because of their ability to hold ice for between 7 and 10 days, but they also feature a wide range of wonderful features. These features make it easy for people to have the space they need in a cooler and the color options that ensure your cooler will not be mistaken by others. Some color choices include tan, purple and yellow, and green with a tan lid. Yukon coolers come for sale in sizes that are 50qt, 70qt, 120qt, and 150, qt.

Green Igloo Yukon

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The Yukon cooler has 3 inches of foam inside of the gasketed lid. In the body, there is 2 inches of foam. The shell of it is made with rotational-molded polyethylene.

These coolers have a unique feature that ensures the extreme cooling performance when compared to other cooler styles. It takes full advantage of the “Cool Riser Technology”. This means that it has an elevated design, which will promote airflow under the cooler.

Integrated Fishing Ruler On CoolerThe Yukon 50 cooler has an integrated fish measuring tool on the lid and a non-slip textured surface on its lid. There is also an oversized drain and a tethered plug so that clean up and draining will be easy tasks to deal with after a long day out.

What Do Owners Say About the Yukon Cooler?

You will find that Igloos are great coolers according to most owners. This is reflective of the 4.5 star rating that the Yukon maintains. Many say that it is a solid cooler that performs as well or better than they ever imagined that it could. They also like the Yukon cooler prices that are available.

Purple & Yellow Yukon Coolers

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Is the Igloo Yukon Cooler Worth It?

If you look at the reviews by owners and the prices when you find Yukon coolers for sale, you can piece together that most people feel it is a great choice for their needs. It has a great ice retention rating, it is durable, and comes from a name that you can trust. That is why we say that it could be the best cooler you have ever owned. See the Igloo Yukon Cooler here⇒