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Insulated Fish Cooler Bags & Fishing Coolers

What Makes a Good Fishing Cooler?

Fishing coolers generally spend a lot of time in the sun and around the water, so it’s important that these coolers are both rust resistant and UV protected. Other benefits of a true fishing cooler will be the added insulation as well as odor and stain resistant materials. A good fishing cooler will also need to come equipped with a good seal to protect ice retention. There are many great fishing coolers to choose from, but have you ever thought about an insulated fish bag? These insulated bags can be a great alternative depending on how you plan to use your fishing cooler.

What is an Insulated Fish Bag?

Insulated Cooler Fishing BagInsulated fish bags are frequently used by professional fisherman for the simple fact that they have been proven that the original weight of a fish can be maintained by placing it in an insulated bag with ice. Good insulated fish bags are lightweight, weighing much less than even small coolers. UV resistant, they are designed to hold ice all day; keeping your newly caught fish fresh for hours. These insulated fish bags should be leak proof and should be constructed in a way which makes them easy to clean. So, which is the best choice for your next fishing trip? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of both.

Pros of the Average Conventional Fishing Cooler:

  • Durable
  • Rust proof
  • Extra insulation
  • Ice retention
  • Stain and odor resistant
  • UV protected
  • Gasket sealed

Cons of the Average Conventional Fishing Cooler:

  • Pelican Fishing CoolerBulky
  • Heavy
  • More difficult to transport; especially when fishing from shore
  • Takes up space
  • Can be pricey


Pros of the Average Insulated Fish Bag:

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry and transport; especially when fishing from shore
  • Leak proof
  • UV resistant
  • Ice retention
  • Easy to clean and store
  • Helps maintain the original weight of the fish
  • Inexpensive compared to most fishing coolers

Cons of the Average Insulated Fish Bag:

  • Must be carried instead of pulled or rolled
  • May not hold as much; less space

Choosing the Right Insulated Fishing Bag:

Not sure where to start? Here are a few great choices when it comes to insulated fish bags. These reviews may help you with your next purchase.

Silver Horde Katchkooler II

Silver Horde Fishing Cooler BagThis insulated fish bag is designed to be compact and easy to store. Preserving the flavor of your recent catch, the foam insulation is enclosed by a durable waterproof fabric. Reinforced twill handles are strong and comfortable for toting around. The Silver Horde insulated bag closes with a YKK zipper and has a large, easy-grip pull. The Katchkooler II measures 40” x 16”. Read More On Katchkooler⇒

Canyon Insulated Fish Cooler Bag

Canyon Cooler Fish BagFlorida Sportfishing Magazine voted this one the 2016 “Gear of the Year.” Heavy duty and heat sealed, the fiber interlaced construction is leak proof to keep you and your boat clean. Two inch web handles make this insulated bag a breeze to carry. The Canyon cooler bag comes in a variety of sizes, and will keep your catch and bait cool and protected. More On Canyon Cooler Bag⇒

Boone Monster Insulated Fish Bag

Boone Insulated Fish BagThe Boone Monster insulated fish bags come in sizes small, medium, or extra- large with heavy-duty durable nylon handles. The straps are attached to heat sealed seams which are reinforced. Constructed with a thick closed-cell foam, the Boone bags are UV resistant, equipped with a double sided zipper, and are easy to clean with a quick wash. More On Boone⇒

Let’s Compare the above Insulated Fish Bags with some Standard Fishing Coolers:

There are plenty high quality fishing coolers available. Yeti, Pelican, Grizzly, and Igloo all offer great fishing coolers. For comparison sake, let’s look at Pelican, one of the best-selling coolers on the market.

Pelican ProGear Elite

The Pelican Elite claims to be one of the world’s best coolers. Ice retention of up to 10 days, fold up handles, and also available with wide wheels for soft terrain are some of the features that make this cooler superior. Listed below are some other pros to the Pelican ProGear:

  • Pelican Fishing CoolersIce retention is 7-10 days
  • Gasket is freezer grade quality
  • Insulation; 2 inch polyurethane
  • Double handles; hinged handles as well as molded-in
  • Wide latches; press and pull
  • Raised feet; non-skid, non-marking
  • Drain sloped for easy emptying and cleaning
  • Stainless steel; hardware is corrosion resistant
  • Fish scale included on lid
  • Assembled in the United States

Whether you choose an insulated fish bag or a conventional fishing cooler, it won’t be difficult to keep your catch cool and fresh. With the lower cost of the insulated fish bags, why not keep one of each on hand? Then you are sure to be well equipped no matter where your next fishing trip may lead you!