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K2 Coolers: Reviews, Pricing, & K2 Vs Yeti

It should come as no surprise that recently there has been an increase in high-end cooler brands popping up, leaving consumers confused and undecided about which brand is the best. Of course, the answer to that question could be different for everyone depending on different lifestyles, uses, and budgets. One brand recently caught our eye, and we think it is definitely worth your time to check it out.

K2 Coolers: The Company

K2CoolersK2 Coolers, founded in 2011, is located in Southern Louisiana. Their mission has been to create a heavy-duty durable cooler that is lightweight, still providing maximum ice retention as well as a good value. K2 Coolers set out to raise the standard by which all cooler brands would be measured, and they strive to raise the bar in customer service to dealers and consumers alike. This, combined with their outstanding construction and design, is what makes K2 a quality consideration when shopping for one of these high-end coolers which have taken the market by storm. K2 Coolers has done their homework, and it shows. Not only that, but they have endeavored to keep K2 Cooler prices very reasonable. This really shows when you compare them to other brands side by side. For instance: K2 Coolers vs YETI. This detailed K2 Coolers review will assist buyers in making their own educated decision.

K2 Coolers Summit Series

K2 Cooler ReviewsThe professional grade K2 Cooler Summit series are roto-molded, one-piece polyethylene constructed coolers which are made for extreme durability. Rotational molding is a process using high temperatures and low pressure while rotating to form the cooler. This food-grade cooler with extra-thick SNOWblown insulation assures maximum cold and ice retention. These coolers are compatible for use with dry ice and are UV resistant. K2’s LOCKaway keeps contents cold or hot and protects items from outside elements. The Summit series includes K2’s special POSITRAC latches on the lid, ICE vault gasket lid, an integrated ENDURA hinge system, and rubber SURE grip feet. Here, you will see a list of the coolers K2 offers as well as a few accessories. And you will be able to find these K2 Coolers for sale anywhere K2 products are sold.

K2 Coolers Summit 20

  • K2 Cooler PriceK2 Construction; durable with maximum ice retention
  • Shoulder Strap with padding
  • Portable; Easy to carry and transport
  • Perfect personal cooler or for short day trips
  • 14 quart capacity

K2 Coolers Water Jug

  • K2 Water JugCommercial Grade 5 Gallon
  • No seams; won’t crack or split
  • Gasket lid
  • Guides for tie-down straps
  • Smooth flow with plug which is vacuum released
  • Easy to carry; integrated handles
  • Skids on base for more protection
  • Lid can double as a seat; durable

K2 Coolers Summit 30

  • K2 Coolers Vs YetiK2 Construction; durable with maximum ice retention
  • Perfect for a day at the beach, boating, hunting, or fishing
  • 22 Quart Capacity



K2 Coolers Summit 50

  • K2 Summit Line Of CoolersK2 Construction; durable with maximum ice retention
  • Great for weekend trips and outdoor excursions
  • 40 quart capacity



K2 Coolers Stainless Bottle Opener

  • K2 Cooler Bottle OpenerSturdy; designed with stainless steel
  • Inlay logo cut into opener
  • Easily connects to any K2 summit 20 cooler

K2 Coolers Hydro Turf Mat

  • Designed for the top of your K2 cooler
  • Custom and tailored fit
  • Provides supreme traction and excellent comfort while standing on cooler
  • High-grade 3M adhesive provides permanent placement

TurfMat For K2 Coolers

While the Louisiana company, K2 Coolers, is fairly new; their mission has been clear and well sought. Their goal to create an incomparable high-end cooler at a reasonable price has, seemingly, been successful. Maximum ice retention and durability being the key components of these K2 Summit coolers, they have gone to great lengths to accomplish this. As far as roto molded, high-end coolers go, the competition is fierce. And the K2 Coolers company is definitely making a name, and should be researched and considered by anyone who is in the market to purchase one of these coolers. With high-quality, dependability, and great customer service, you really can’t go wrong.

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