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Live Bait Coolers & Live Bait Aerator Kits

Serious fishermen rely on live bait to catch the best fish. Of course, it’s no secret that live bait takes some special considerations. If your bait isn’t cool and fresh, you really won’t have much of an advantage. The answer to this solution is easy.

Live Bait Coolers are made, specifically, with this in mind. Live Bait Coolers are designed to keep your bait alive and fresh in both hot and cold temperatures. The aerators on these longer life bait coolers assure that the water is always oxygenated, allowing the fish to remain alive as well as strong and healthy. The result is the freshest live bait possible which means a more successful fishing trip. Aside from keeping your bait fresh, these little bait coolers also allow you to save money and time. You can keep your live bait fresh for days without having to restock. No more loosing expensive artificial lures either!

The cost of fresh bait is much less than the cost of fabricated bait. Want to save a little money on your live bait cooler? With an aerator kit, you can quickly turn one of your inexpensive coolers into one of these live bait coolers at the fraction of the cost. With these bait coolers and aerator kits, it has never been easier to use fresh bait. Below are a few options available if you are looking for live bait coolers.

Engel Live Bait Cooler Dry Box

Engel Live Bait CoolerThe Engel Live Bait Cooler is constructed with an insulation made of molded polystyrene, and it helps protect your bait in both hot and cold temperatures. It is operated with a 2-speed pump that aerates the water. The pump can run on batteries or can be plugged into your boat or car with a 12volt adapter. This makes it possible to keep the bait fresh for hours, even days. The plastic base is extremely durable and is made to hold up against high impact. The base and lid is odor resistant. Read More On Engel Live Bait⇒


Frabill Personal Bait Station

Frabil Live Bait Aeration KitThe Frabill Personal Bait Station includes a 1423 Aerator which is said to be “whisper quiet.” The aerator and lift-out liner will clip to any bucket and uses D batteries to operate. The inside net makes picking up minnows a breeze. This live bait cooler is built with durable insulation and will keep bait aerated in the 8-quart chest for up to 3 days when the aerator is used intermittently. Read More on Frabil Here⇒


Live Bait Cooler Aerator Kit

Live Bait Conversion KitThe Live Bait Cooler Aerator Kit will convert any cooler into a live bait tank. The kit includes everything you need such as brackets and fittings, a micro bubble diffuser, an aerator module, and an air hose. The Whisper Quiet aerator is designed with a fitted gasket housing to keep the unit water tight. More On Live Bait Aerator Kit⇒


Marine Metal 12-Volt Aeration Kit

Marine Metal Fishing Live Bait CoolerThis convenient pump is an all-in-1 aerator kit to aerate, fill, and empty your live well. The kit will connect to any insulated cooler or container. The spray bar simply mounts to the tank with suction cups, or you can use stainless steel tools and screws. The pump can be attached inside or outside the live well hull, allowing you to renew the water as well as aerate the tank. Included with the kit is a power cord and battery clips. More On Marine Metal⇒

In Conclusion….

If you’re serious about fishing, and you want to use the freshest bait possible; a live bait cooler may be just what you need. If you are going to use live bait, you definitely want to do it in the best way possible. Live bait coolers are the best option for keeping your bait fresh for that weekend long fishing trip. Whether you’re fishing in extreme heat or extremely cold weather, these aerators will keep your fish alive and ready. There are quite a few options available when shopping for a cooler for your live bait. Invest in one of the Live Bait Coolers or in one of these aerator kits to make the most of your next fishing trip.