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Orca Coolers Review, Orca 26 QT, 58 QT & More

Adventure and ruggedness seem to go hand in hand. As most outdoor enthusiasts would agree, they need a cooler that will prove to be just as tough and rugged as those who use them. They need a cooler that is created and designed to be thrown, dropped, kicked, beaten, submerged in water, or even explored by wild animals such as bears or raccoons. On top of all of that, they need a cooler that will guarantee freshness, keeping items cold and unharmed for days on end. So whether you plan to hunt in extreme conditions, camp in the hottest of summer days, or just chill next to a peaceful river, you will want to choose a cooler that will perform. Let’s take a look at one that is sure to satisfy the most adventurous outdoorsmen. 

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ORCA, an acronym for Outdoor Recreation Company of America, is a successful company who, undeniably, prides itself on being one hundred percent American owned with products which are 100 percent American made. Manufactured in Nashville, Tennessee, ORCA Coolers is proud of its goal to offer outdoor enthusiasts such as hunters and anglers a superior product at a great value. ORCA is a highly creative company which designs and creates products in the United States utilizing labor in America as well as American made components for the express purpose of increasing America’s work force. Also of high importance to ORCA is the goal of supporting our national community by giving back to groups and organizations such as Wounded Warriors programs, national conservation groups, and other community groups. ORCA’s goal is not only to meet, but to exceed the high expectations of their customers and to provide a high level of satisfaction.

All about ORCA Coolers

ORCA offers six different sizes of its American made coolers which are roto molded and extremely durable. With sizes to fit every imaginable need, the ORCA coolers are available in 20 quart, 26 quart, 40 quart, 58 quart, 75 quart, and 140 quart sizes.   The coolers are offered in four colors; green, white, tan, and pink. The ORCA cooler is perfect for camping, hunting, and fishing. With proven ice/cold retention, this rugged cooler is guaranteed to perform in extreme conditions, both warm and cold temperatures alike. ORCA also offers a line of accessories as well as apparel and gear. Let’s take a look at the features offered by each of the ORCA Coolers:

      • Made of durable roto molded materials
      • Tested and Proven to have maximum ice and cold retention for up to ten days with the integrated ORCA insulation
      • Perfect seal ensured by the lid gasket every time it is used
      • Flex grip handles extend for comfortable transporting
      • Conveniently attached Cargo net allows for additional storage
      • Special easy flow drainage spout designed for easier draining
      • Made to last and endure through a lifetime of excessive use
      • 100 percent American Made; Lifetime Warranty


ORCA Family of Coolers

SizePriceRead More
Orca 20 QT
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Orca 26 QT
Orca 26 QT
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Orca 40QT
Orca 40QT Pink Cooler
$$$Read More
Orca 58 QT
Orca 58QT Cooler
$$$Read More
Orca 75 QT
Orca 75 QT
$$$$Read More
Orca 140 QT
Orca 140 Quart Cooler
$$$$$Read More

If you are looking for an excellent cooler for your next outdoor excursion, look no further. The ORCA 26 quart cooler could be the perfect cooler to take along on a quick day trip, and there is no better way to enjoy your outing than with the added bonus of knowing that you are supporting the American workforce as well as the sustainability of an American owned company. Your next camping or hunting trip may be made easier with the ORCA 58 Quart Cooler. With peace of mind that the contents of your cooler are kept fresh with safe temperatures, you can relax and enjoy your adventure. And with ORCA’s high standards in work ethics as well as a commitment to improving the job market on a national level, ORCA is equally committed to these same high quality standards and expectations when it comes to their products. So, you will have an added level of comfort even in the most rugged of environments. American made ORCA Coolers offers a line of coolers to meet your every need and situation; satisfaction guaranteed.