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Pelican Coolers Vs Yeti Coolers Comparison

Pelican Vs Yeti CoolersLike having the coolest pair of shoes as a teenager; having the coolest cooler as an adult seems to be just as important these days. This fashionable status symbol brings a whole new meaning to the old ice chests of yesterday. There are companies who have been designing these superior coolers for a long time, and there are new, up-and-coming brands. With many choices, debates rage on about which high-end, roto-molded cooler is the best, as well as which ones are worth the price tag attached. There are many that seem to believe that YETI is the ultimate when it comes to these designer coolers, but there are plenty of worthy YETI Cooler competitors. In this Pelican vs YETI review, we will outline the features of both, making it easier to decide.

YETI Coolers: The Company

Yeti LogoYETI manufactures everything related to coolers and the accessories to go along with them. Founded in 2006 by two brothers who saw a need for a cooler that would stand the test of time, YETI started their company with the simple mission of building a cooler that they could use every day. YETI coolers are manufactured in Iowa and Wisconsin, as well as in the Philippines. Read Our Full Yeti Tundra Review Here⇒

YETI Tundra Series

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Pelican Coolers: The Company

Pelican Progear BrandPelican manufactures products ranging from high-performance protective cases to extremely durable, high-end roto-molded coolers. In business since 1976, Pelican has carved a name for itself and a reputation to match. And, the Pelican ice chest has come a long way since then. Starting out in California, the company is now headquartered in Barcelona, Spain after being acquired by Behrman Capital in 2004. Read Our Full Pelican ProGear Review Here⇒

Pelican ProGear Elite Series

Pelican Coolers For Sale

YETI and Pelican Side-by-Side:

When it comes to Pelican Coolers vs YETI, there are plenty of pros on each side. Both coolers have remarkable features, and their reputations for being among the best are well deserved. Both companies have invested a great deal in research as well as the development of special technology which makes their products top-notch. Both brands come with a hefty price attached, but YETI tends to be slightly higher than Pelican. If performance and durability is what is most important, the list of features offered by each is listed below.

Features of the YETI and Pelican Coolers:
Pelican Vs Yeti Comparison Table

YETI and Pelican Sizes Offered:

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In Conclusion:

As you can see, when YETI vs Pelican Coolers and their features are listed side by side, they are quite similar. Both companies build an extremely durable cooler. There are some minor differences in the construction of the two brands, and it depends on the individual purchasing the cooler as to which features are most important. Each brand has their own loyal following of customers and fans who claim that each company is the best. This detailed outline of Pelican and YETI coolers should help with making an educated decision.