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RTIC Cooler Review, RTIC vs Yeti

There is no denying that quality matters most when it comes to coolers. That is why there are so many high dollar brands that promise to make the best cooler ever. However, it may come as a surprise to many cooler enthusiasts that the cooler most people are talking about now, doesn’t come with a high-end name brand. It is the RTIC cooler and in the online world, it has become hugely popular for the last year. It is still gaining notice, so much so that in the past you could only purchase it through RTIC directly and now, you can purchase it through other places, such as Amazon. The big question is; is it the cooler you have been waiting on? Check out more about this cooler in our RTIC cooler review and see how it compares to Yeti.


What Makes RTIC Worth It?

White RTIC CoolerOne of the first things you will notice when you look at the RTIC cooler is the price. It is a lot more budget-friendly than other coolers. The second thing you will probably notice is that it is a new release that is very popular. The average ratings on it so far show that it holds steady 4.4-stars. This cooler is available as a 20qt, 45qt, and 65qt. The smallest size is ideal for tailgating and job sites. They can keep ice for up to 10 days. Because they are roto-molded, they are virtually indestructible. Each of the sizes have heavy-duty rubber T-latches to ensure it will close and lock easily. They have padlock hole on each side to ensure no one can get into your cooler uninvited.

How Does RTIC Compare to Yeti?

When questioning how it measures up to other coolers, you definitely have to wonder which is best RTIC vs Yeti Cooler. The truth is, some reviews state that the RTIC is basically a cheap Yeti Cooler. They are so similar in performance that most people will give up the Yeti name to save money. In price, they are closer to the “Arctic Coolers”, but still cheaper than even those.RTIC Cooler SizesCheck Other RTIC Cooler Specs⇒

Other differences between RTIC and Yeti is that the exterior length of the RTIC and weight of it may be slightly more than the Yeti. They are able to hold more and they have an easy lift handle on even the smallest size. If you compare the Yeti 20 to the RTIC 20, you will also know that they appear to look almost identical.

Does RTIC Have a Good Service Plan Backing It?

Tan RTIC Ice ChestThe RTIC warranty only covers the original owner and protects them from defects that are caused in the manufacturing process. It is a warranty that extends 30 days. The only requirement is that you submit a warranty claim before shipping the product back. Most owners say that it is such a high-quality cooler that they do not feel it needs more of a warranty. Others are disappointed by the lack of warranty. However, there are several ways to contact customer support if you have issues with the cooler. The biggest complaint is that sometimes it may take a while for the cooler to arrive after you purchase it. Therefore, we consider it worth checking out if you want a budget friendly cooler option.