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Siberian Cooler Review

When searching for a roto-molded cooler, many initially jump to the big names, Yeti, Engel, Grizzly, etc. However, with those big brand names comes a price tag. Is it really worth spending $100 or more, extra, on a cooler for that name? Only you can decide, but before you do, you may be interested in learning about Siberian Coolers. Siberian Coolers come in at a significant price savings compared to a Yeti, and surprising to many, hold ice just as well. Siberian Coolers Review

Siberian Coolers against Other Coolers

At the end of the day many of these coolers have many of the same features and even the same look. There are a few difference that set the line of Siberian Coolers apart from its counterparts. First, and probably the biggest difference is the presence of a foam gasket as opposed to a rubber gasket which is more common. It is worth noting though that the styrofoam (thought to be inferior to a rubber gasket) does no impede performance. Second is the latching system, which uses rubber latches over a plastic peg. Conveniently though, they are replaceable if one ever breaks. Lastly and most important is the warranty. Siberian backs up its coolers with a lifetime warranty.

In relation to other coolers, some of us may have been a victim thinking that Yeti products can hold large capacities as it is said in the name of the product. The truth is, these numbers that are usually found after the name of Yeti products are just model numbers and not the actual size. Yeti Tundra 110 can only hold 87 quarts, whereas the Siberian 85 holds 85 quarts.

You Get your Money’s Worth with Siberian Coolers

To know the real value of the money you spend, consider your cost per quart. We know that Siberian 85 costs about $379.00 so you will divide its cost by 85 quarts. That means you will only pay an amount of $4.45/quart, whereas with Yeti 110, it costs $499.99 and can only hold 87 quarts, thus leaving you paying for each quart priced at $5.74. By thinking about it, you will see that you are paying 29% more cash per quart for some brands when Siberian coolers are equally built as other high end coolers out there.

So, the next time you consider to purchase a cooler, don’t lose in the games these companies play. Instead, stick with Siberian coolers because they are reliable, durable and very affordable.

Siberian Ice Chest Cooler-40 Quart

Siberian Coolers 40 QThe Siberian 40 qt cooler is the perfect cooler for a family get-together during the weekends. It is made through a roto-molding process thus creating an intensely durable and tough cooler that can keep the ice solid for days.

It includes 4 cup holders and boasts some key features like recessed handles for easy gripping, non-skid rubber feet, freezer style gasket lid, and EZ drain plug. More than that, Siberian coolers are offered with a lifetime warranty, one thing that other cooler companies can’t beat. More On 40Q⇒

Siberian Ice-Chest Cooler 64 Quart

Siberian Ice Chest 64QBefore Siberian 85qt, this Siberian 64qt comes tough with a heavy duty design. It is the perfect choice if you want an average sized cooler larger than Siberian 40 yet smaller than Siberian 85 and 116. It offers similar features like its smaller version, the Siberian 40, however this of course has a larger capacity and measures 28.5” X 16” X 17” and weighs 25.5 lbs. More On Siberian 64⇒

Siberian Ice Chest Cooler 85 Quart

Siberian Ice Chest The Siberian 85qt cooler is made tough and is seriously, meant to last for a lifetime. The weight is pretty heavy though, but to be expected of a cooler this size. On you can know if its “better” than Yeti but it definitely costs way less than Yeti and other brands. More On Siberian 85⇒

Overall, you don’t have to pay extra cash thinking that Yeti, Engel and others are better brands. Siberian Coolers can prove that not all cheaper priced coolers have low quality and can’t keep up with other high end coolers. Wise buyers don’t buy for the brand, instead they buy for quality. And in the case for buying coolers, buy for the capacity. Buy for the quarts.