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Yeti Cooler Wheels & Custom Yeti Cooler Wheels

You love your favorite cooler. You love the way it looks and the way it performs. You love to show it off to your friends, and secretly, you love that they are jealous.  But, you have to admit, there is ONE trait that your favorite cooler is missing.   Surprisingly, most of the more popular high end coolers do not come equipped with built-in cooler wheels. Yeti Cooler With WheelsSure, there are a few that offer a small cooler on wheels, but what about the large heavy coolers? They seem almost impossible to transport, especially when filled with ice, food, and drinks! As usual, there is a readily available answer to this annoying problem. No need to break your back carrying or trying to pull your favorite cooler. Now introducing the innovative cooler wheel systems: Just add them to your existing cooler and, PRESTO, you have a wheeled cooler!

These wheel systems are specially designed to save the strain on your back. It’s much easier to pull a large heavy cooler with wheels than it is to carry it or drag it along with the built-in handles. These wheel systems add portability to a normally bulky and cumbersome cooler. The task of hauling your cooler to the dock and across the long wooden bumpy walkway to the boat just became much less painful and much less complicated. Let’s take a look at a few of these wheel cooler systems.

Yeti Cooler Wheels

Yeti Cooler Wheel System – All Terrain

Yeti Cooler WheelsThis Rambler wheel cooler system is tough and designed to work with Yeti Tundra coolers up to the 125 model. The all-terrain wheels are each 8 inches wide and will be no match for stairs, mud, rocks, or sand. The system is easy to install with no tools or other equipment necessary. The handle is convenient and easy to use with its telescoping design which is constructed to connect to the molded handles on the Yeti. Level while stopped and resting, the cooler wheels will not get in the way of the drain. There is no need to ever remove the system from the cooler, but the option is always there; and easy to do so. Read More On Rambler Here⇒

Badger Wheels for Yeti Tundra

Badger Wheels For Yeti The Badger Yeti cooler wheels are adjustable and will fit Tundra coolers 35 – 160. This wheeled system is made of stainless steel and is marine grade for strength and durability as well as rust and corrosion resistant. Smoother rolling is made possible with two sealed steel bearings for each wheel. The handle is designed to pull a load up to 500 pounds. All tools for assembly are included with the easy to install system.

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Badger Wheels – 2 Axles & Handle for YETI Tundra

Yeti With Wheels And HandleThis Badger wheels system is also made to fit Yeti Tundra coolers 35-160. However, instead of just adding a pair of back wheels to be pulled, this system includes a combination of front and back wheels. This provides even more ease for maneuvering your cooler. This Badger system is also marine grade of 316 stainless steel as well as rust and corrosion resistant. Included with the cooler wheels is everything you need to attach them to your Yeti Tundra.

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Clearly, it is easy to have it all now. Save your back by adding one of these systems for an easier to transport cooler on wheels. No more straining and sweating just trying to get your favorite cooler to the dock or campsite. Save your energy for the fun and adventure of your outdoor experience with these cooler wheel systems.