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YETI Hopper: Soft Sided Cooler Worth The Price?

Yeti Hopper Price YETI has built a name and reputation that brings to mind excellence and quality when mentioned. Aside from their high-end roto molded coolers, YETI; like most of their competitors, also designs a soft sided cooler called the Hopper. YETI considers their soft sided cooler to be the world’s best portable cooler. Compared with similar soft sided coolers, the YETI Hopper cooler price tag is almost triple that of its competitors.  Of course, along with the YETI name, also comes the fashionable status symbol. But how does the Hopper compare to other brands, and is it worth the price? Let’s take a detailed look at all of the information, and we will let you decide.

Yeti Hopper CoolerYETI Hopper 20 Quart

The YETI Hopper 20 quart soft-sided cooler is designed to be a portable personal cooler. Made to accommodate 18 drink cans and ice, the cooler is puncture resistant. The Hopper 20 can hold 20 pounds of ice only.

YETI Hopper 30 Quart

Yeti Hopper Cooler PriceThe YETI Hopper 30 is slightly larger than The Hopper 20, and made with the same high quality construction. The Hopper 30 can carry 24 drink cans and can hold 26 pounds of ice only.


Here are the features offered by the YETI Hopper 20 and Hopper 30:


  • Dryhide Shell – puncture/abrasion resistant and leak proof; Dryhide fabric is used for both exterior and interior on the Hopper. The material is specially calibrated using 840 denier nylon and an extra layer of TPU coating. The material is similar to material used for whitewater rafts.
  • UV resistant
  • Coldcell Insulation – closed-cell 1 inch NBR rubber foam insulation on the sides, and 1.5 inches on the bottom; responsible for the long lasting cold retention of the Hopper. Offers exceptional cooling compared to standard soft-side coolers
  • Mildew resistant – anti microbial liner
  • Special Hydrolok Zipper – the “ultimate” zipper provides an airtight and waterproof closure. The same type of zipper can be found on survival suits, protective gear, and fishing waders.
  • U-Dock – The end of the Hydrolok zipper which assures a leak-proof seal, also assists the user in draining the cooler while contents remain inside
  • Sturdy and durable handles and shoulder strap
  • Ice retention up to 3 days
  • Welded Seam Construction – eliminates stitching with the RF welded seams; assures waterproof and remarkable durability
  • D Ring Tie Down points – The YETI Hopper 20 and 30 both come equipped with 6 tie down points which are reinforced to secure the Hopper to your watercraft, ATV, or other equipment.
  • Accessories are available and made easy to add with the HitchPoint Grid
  • Easy to transport and store; equipped with 3 sets of handles: primary handles, end handles, and shoulder strap
  • Built to stand the test of time

For comparison sake, let’s look at a few other soft-sided cooler brands. The two brands below can, undoubtedly, be purchased for a fraction of the cost of the YETI Hopper price.

Polar Bear Soft Cooler

  • Polar Bear Soft Sided Cooler Keeps ice up to 24 hours in 100 degree temperatures
  • Keeps hot items warm for hours
  • Leak-proof, sweat-proof design
  • Tough, rugged, built to last
  • Durable 1000 denier Cordura nylon
  • Open cell foam; high density
  • Stores and transports easily
  • Offered in multiple colors

AO Vinyl Soft Cooler

  • AO Cooler Soft Sided Vs Yeti HopperDurable Vinyl Waterproof exterior
  • Retains ice for 24 hours in 120 degree temperatures
  • Sturdy, reinforced handles
  • Removable strap for shoulder
  • Additional storage for dry items
  • Extra insulation; leak-proof liner
  • Offered in multiple colors and various sizes

Clearly, YETI has thought of everything when it comes to the YETI Hopper transportable or personal cooler. Their exclusive design of the Hopper seems to exceed other soft-sided coolers. The question remains: Is the YETI Hopper worth the price? Are we paying for the “name,” or is the construction and durability of the product really worth the high price? With the information gathered here and our detailed review, we will let you decide.

Yeti Hopper Variations: