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Yeti Ice Review & Best Ice Pack for A Cooler

Yeti LogoThe name Yeti brings to mind quality for most people. That is why the Yeti ice pack is something that most people feel will stay colder longer than all other brands. Is this true? Take a look at what we discovered when looking for the best Yeti Ice review and the best ice pack for a cooler.

Why Choose the Yeti Ice Pack?

Yeti Ice Pack ReviewThe best reusable ice packs according to many is the Yeti because it freezes faster and stays cold longer. It freezes solid enough to become a full two-pound block of ice. It also holds true to the Yeti brand because it is impact resistant and cleans up easily when you are ready to put it back in your freezer. This ice pack measures 7.9 x 5.4 x 1.7 inches, which means it is great for lunch bags, soft-sided coolers, and more. As with all Yeti products, it is made in the USA and a true Yeti ice pack will have it prominently stated clearly on the pack. Check Yeti Ice Pricing⇒

Is the Ice Pack by Yeti Really Better?

Yeti Ice In Hopper Soft Sided CoolerAccording to many owner Yeti ice reviews, there are many people who feel they are very long lasting ice packs. Many state that it is able to keep drinks cold for a solid day without over freezing them or making them slushies. However, with the positive reviews, it only holds a 3.9-star rating. Some people feel that it does not hold coldness as well as they expected and many complain that they could have purchased it cheaper had they shopped around. With that, though, there are also people who state that it was available locally and the price was higher in stores than online.

If you wonder how it compares to other ice packs; you should take a look at some of your choices below. They are also considered to be popular choices in their own right, but perhaps it will prove why you may ultimately choose Yeti over them.

Cooler Shock Bag Ice Pack For CoolerCooler Shock bags are reusable ice packs. They are considered the best ice packs for coolers according to many. The thing is, you must fill them with water and seal them up. Over time, I would have to wonder if they would perhaps open up. There is no risk of that with the Yeti or other ice packs. More On Cooler Shock Bags=>


Arctic Ice Pack For CoolerThe Arctic Ice Chillin Brew Series uses all natural products that are derived from vegetable oils. The biggest issue with this ice pack is that it has a freeze rating of 28.3 Fahrenheit. This is not much below freezing temperatures so you do have to wonder if it can be used for a full 24 hours and still be effective.


Rubbermaid Ice PackPeople tend to think the Rubbermaid ice pack is one of the best ice packs for food, but they are almost the same price as a Yeti and you do not get any promises as to how long they will stay cold. Most people state that it is great for their lunch box, which only needs to stay cold for a part of the day.

The Fit & Fresh Cool Coolers slim lunch ice packs are great for everyday use in a lunch box or a soft sided cooler. The thing is, they may not be what you want if you are out on your boat and truly looking for a way to keep food and drink cold for the entire day.Fit And Fresh Lunch Ice Pack

As you can see, Yeti is not a bad choice; though there are other choices that may have more overall positive reviews. This could be simply because the other ice packs have been around a lot longer. For those who love Yeti, the reviews will not matter. You will simply be interested in the quality that you know comes with the Yeti brand.