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Yeti Tank Cooler Price, Accessories & Review

Celebrating and entertaining is one of the best things in life. And, if you are really serious about your gatherings and parties, you probably give a great deal of attention to even the smallest details. Whether you are throwing an outdoor barbeque or an indoor soirée, you will want beverages to be accessible and chilled for your guests. Using a standard ice chest just doesn’t seem to fit in with your party décor or theme. We’ve all tried the cute metal tubs or big plastic bins, but dealing with the melting ice and mess these cause is just a nightmare. Once again, there is a solution: The YETI Tank Cooler.Yeti Tank Review

The YETI Tank is the ultimate party accessory! It’s, simply, a large insulated tub with an open top which is designed to keep beverages or other items cold and conveniently handy. Not only can you put individual bottles or cans in the tank for cooling, these tanks are perfect for keeping your keg nice and frosty. You can even use the YETI Tank Cooler as a punch bowl, pouring your beverage-of-choice right into the tub. Don’t forget the ladle! The YETI tank comes in two sizes to accommodate your next party, whether large or small. In this YETI Tank Cooler review, we will outline all of the special features that went in to the design of the tank cooler. If you’re wondering about the price, The YETI Tank price is relatively close to other insulated tanks and comes with the added bonus of being a YETI.

The YETI Tank Cooler is made with the same construction as other YETI Coolers. Here are the features you can expect from the YETI Tank:

  • Yeti Tank WhiteROTO-Molded construction; armored to handle anything and completely indestructible.
  • NO Sweat Design; The YETI Tank will not sweat. This keeps it dry on the outside.
  • DoubleHaul Handles; Polyester rope that is military grade with a textured nylon grip that is heavy duty.
  • PermaFrost Insulation; YETI’s famous insulation is responsible for the cold retention of the YETI Tank.
  • BearFoot Non Slip Feet; keeps the YETI Tank in place and slip proof.
  • Vortex Drain System; Yes, even the YETI Tank can be drained with a quick twist.

YETI Tank Cooler 45

Yeti Tank PriceBuilt for a smaller crowd, this YETI Tank 45 is the perfect place to store your ice cold drinks. Whether planning a cookout or a day at the beach or pool, the YETI Tank 45 is easy to take along. The 45 will accommodate a slim quarter keg or it will hold 56 drink cans. Built with the same technology as the YETI Coolers, the YETI Tank is durable and reliable. Read More On Yeti Tank 45⇒


YETI Tank Cooler 85

Yeti Tank 85 Plenty of room for a keg filled with your favorite beer, the YETI Tank 85 is a 20.8 gallon capacity cooler tub. This tank cooler is perfect for a standard full-sized keg, or it can hold up to 60 long-neck bottles or 96 drink cans. More On Yeti Tank 85⇒


Accessories for the YETI Tank Cooler:

The YETI Tank Cooler lid and the YETI Tank Cooler caddy make the YETI Tank even better! It is made of UV resistant material which is marine grade, so it seals the cold in while being transported. The food safe surface can also be used as a cutting board or for extra seating. With the caddy, you can use as a cutting board and still easily access the drinks inside.

Lid for the YETI Tank 85

Yeti Tank Lid Accressories

Lid for the YETI Tank 45

Yeti Tank 45 Cooler Lid

Caddy for the YETI Tank Cooler

Yeti 85 Caddy

As with most of their products, YETI has, seemingly, thought of everything in their design of the YETI Tank. This YETI Tank 45 and YETI Tank 85 review has outlined all of the details of the tank cooler. As you can see, it will make a great addition to your next gathering or back yard barbeque!