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Welcome to the Cooler Critic, specializing in high-end cooler reviews. Our goal is to assist you in your search for finding and choosing the best cooler for your lifestyle. We focus exclusively on premium roto molded cooler reviews. If you are searching for a yeti cooler on sale, you are probably already aware that these upscale coolers are considered more than just a functional piece of equipment. Of late, they have even become a fashionable status symbol of sorts. For most, gone are the days of balancing an old Styrofoam ice chest on one shoulder down to the dock or campsite just to pitch it in the nearest trash bin on your way home at the end of the day. We expect more from our coolers today, and we are willing to pay hundreds of dollars to obtain the perfect accessory for our outdoor excursions. And, why shouldn’t we pay top dollar? Many of these coolers are built to last a lifetime.

ModelSizesRatingPriceOur Review
Pelican ProGear Elite Marine
Pelican 45Q Elite ProGear
20 - 250 4.5$$Full Review
Yeti Roadie
Yeti Roadie Cooler Review
20 Q4.8$$$Full Review
Grizzly Coolers
Grizzly Tailgating Cooler Review
15 - 400 Q4.6$$$Full Review
Orca Coolers
Orca 58QT Cooler
20 - 754.7$$$Full Review
K2 Coolers
K2 Coolers Vs Yeti
20 - 120 Q5.0$$Full Review
Bison Coolers Brute Box
25 - 150 Q4.5 $$$$Full Review

Popularity of High End Coolers

Nothing pleases the eye of an avid boater, fisherman, or hunter more than one of these sophisticated beauties. And once you buy into the world of aristocratic coolers, you will understand what your friends have perhaps been debating. Which high-end roto molded cooler is the best? We will give you all of the facts, and you will be equipped with the information you need and ready to decide for yourself!

What Makes The Best Ice Chest?

First of all, it is important to understand what to look for in a cooler of this caliber. Here are the most important factors:


If you only want to purchase one high-end cooler, this is an important point to consider. What size you choose will depend on your intended use. If you, typically, use a cooler to store ice and drinks for short day trips, a smaller cooler will suffice. But if you take longer weekend trips, you will want a cooler that will provide the needed capacity. This is especially important if you will also be using the cooler for hunting, fishing, or camping.

Ice Retention

This is one of the features that sets the high-end coolers apart from the competition. There is nothing more frustrating than being in the middle of a trip and having to worry about melting ice and rising temperatures in your cooler. The extra thick insulated walls of the high-ranking coolers are made for long-lasting and guaranteed ice retention.


If you will be moving your cooler from place to place often, you will need to consider portability. There are a few smaller high-end coolers with wheels, but most do not come equipped with them. There are some wheel systems available to add to some of the larger heavier coolers that might be of interest to you.


Of course, durability is one of the most considerable benefits to owning a premium cooler. The high-end roto molded cooler is intended and built to last. They are rugged and will withstand abuse and intense treatment.


Expense is one of the most scrutinized points on the checklist of discussion when it comes to high-end coolers. Are these premium coolers really worth the premium price tag that is attached? That is one of the decisions you will have to make.

Other Features

Most of these high-end roto molded coolers also offer features such as odor and stain resistance, easy draining systems, commercial grade gasket seals, and integrated measuring tools.

Top Five Coolers On Sale:

Below, you will find our list of the top five coolers for the money.

YETI Tundra

Yeti Tunda On Sale The YETI Tundra series of coolers is known for its distinguished reputation. Durability earns this acclaimed cooler a spot at the top of the list. It is among the most expensive coolers on the market, but YETI owners are convinced it is well worth the money spent. Ice retention is assured with YETI’s special design which is created to lock hot air out and seal the cold air in. The Tundra series comes in sizes from 20 quart on up to the YETI Tundra 420 professional grade cooler. Each size offered comes equipped with all of the special features known to make YETI one of the best. Read Our Full Tundra Series Review⇒

Pelican ProGear

Pelican 45Q Elite ProGear

Available In Many Colors

The Pelican ProGear Elite cooler is made in the USA and is a worthy contender among the superior high end coolers. Priced a little lower than the YETI and Grizzly coolers, the rugged Elite cooler by Pelican is gaining popularity because of its excellent ice retention and dependability. Pelican has a line of durable coolers to aid in whatever outdoor activity you embark on. Furthermore, Pelican offers a line of waterproof dry storage boxes from very small wallet cases to large containers that can be used outdoors to keep items safe and dry. Read Our Full Pelican Review⇒

Grizzly Coolers

Grizzly Tailgating Cooler ReviewThe Grizzly Coolers brand definitely gets their fair share of the market. They have built a sparkling reputation for themselves and are known for their excellent customer service as well as building a great product. Built in the USA, the Grizzly Coolers comes in multiple sizes from G15 to G400, and is popular among outdoor sportsmen for its lightweight supreme durability and ice retention. Like most other roto molded coolers of this quality, the Grizzly Coolers are proud to be bear proof and certified. Grizzly Coolers are priced a little higher than Pelican and Engel, but less expensive than YETI. Read Our Full Grizzly Coolers Review⇒

Polar Bear Soft Coolers

Polar Bear Soft Sided CoolerNot everyone wants a hard-sided rigid roto molded cooler, so we have included the Polar Bear soft side cooler in our top five. Extremely light weight and easy to transport, the soft Polar Bear cooler will easily retain ice for a full 24 hours in 100 degree temperatures. This cooler is well insulated and not only can it be used to keep food and other items cold for hours, it also has the convenient capability of keeping items warm for hours. If price is a factor or you just want a lightweight cooler that is easy to transport, the Polar Bear soft cooler is recognized as a worthwhile choice. Read Our Full Small Personal Coolers Review⇒

Engel DeepBlue Coolers

Engel Deep Blue CoolerEngel Coolers are not quite as well-known as some of our others brands which are listed here, but are well worth your careful consideration. In business for decades, Engel has a reputation of being a well-grounded company which designs a highly durable and well performing modern cooler. They even claim to be the original designer of the roto molded coolers. Engel focuses their extensive marketing efforts towards professional sportsmen who enjoy outdoor activities such as hunting and fishing, and they have a strong following of loyal customers. Read Our Full Engel Coolers Review⇒

Ready To Find A Cooler Like Yeti On Sale?

Now that we have briefly highlighted our top five high-end roto molded coolers, you will definitely want to explore our site for more detailed reviews. Recognizing that purchasing one of these coolers can be a big financial commitment for some, we know it is extremely important for you to make the right choice. Now that these coolers are more than just a necessary piece of equipment needed to keep your drinks cool for a few hours, choosing a contemporary and trendy cooler that best represents you and your lifestyle is imperative. No more throwing hard earned money away on flimsy ice chests that are not constructed or made to last. Purchasing a high-end cooler that will undoubtedly stand the test of time is exciting, so it’s best to do your homework up front and choose carefully!